Why do we dream of our house?

During our nights, we may dream of our house. The one where we eat, devour the latest book of the moment, share moments with friends or family. What signal does this dream send us? Olivier Cochet, dream specialist, tells us more.

1. Dreaming of our house: a call for introspection

“A house in a dream invites us to embark on a work of introspection. You can simply see the habitat, without necessarily entering it. But in any case, the dream asks us the following question: what is inside us? says Olivier Cochet, dream specialist and author of the book Onirotherapy, Playing with our dreams to better experience reality, published by Jouvence. Doing an introspection pushes us to “visit” vital things, anchored in us, and linked to our body and our soul. “It is often things that are repressed, denial or buried by parasitic thoughts that contaminate our daily lives. Dreams allow us to reconnect with all of this. To face our emotions to transform them into something fulfilling afterwards”.

2. Reflect on our life at the moment T

If we dream of our house current, this may be a good sign. The dream pushes us to think about what there is to clean, tidy up, harmonize within our interior space and our life. Of course, one must always take into account the context of the dream and the history of the person. Fifty people can dream of the same thing, but there are 50 different meanings. Olivier Cochet remembers a patient’s dream. She was in the living room next to her husband. A wall had been broken. Beyond, the couple saw the horizon in the distance. “We are literally in the expression of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: to love each other is not to look at each other, it is to look together in the same direction. This woman had had a difficult time with a castrating boss. She had many questions about her life choices. Her husband supported her a lot at that time. This dream reminded her that she had built something with this man, but had moved away from it because of more or less non-constructive fantasies. This dream allowed them to reconnect with each other”.

Overall, seeing the emotions that run through us inside our psychic spaces is a good way to distance ourselves from them. As Olivier Cochet reminds us, the lecturer Eckart Tolle has a habit of saying: “I am neither my thoughts, nor my emotions, nor my sensory perceptions, nor my experiences. I am not “the content” of my life. I am the space in which everything happens. A bit like in a dream. We cannot reduce ourselves to the emotions that assail us. Whatever thoughts “inhabit” us, these are doomed to change or disappear, where our inner house remains firmly anchored, in the middle of its foundations.

3. Dreaming about our house on a recurring basis

Our nights follow one another and resemble each other, with our house as a backdrop, which invites itself again and again. What does this mean? “A recurring dream sends us a signal. In 9 cases out of 10, he comes back to tell us: face it, don’t be in denial. If it reappears, it means that we dare not confront it, nor talk about it. We must no longer be on the surface of things,” explains Olivier Cochet. Etymologically, the house comes from the Latin “mora”. This term refers to the notion of duration. The house therefore relates to what is inscribed in time. It is our extension, but also the interior space in which we plant, flower, germinate what we want to bring to life on stable supports. In the case of a recurring dream of our house, the intensity is even greater. “This dream tells us that we inscribe something in the long term with solidity. The stronger the house, the healthier the representation we have of our psyche”.

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Why do we dream of our house?

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