What is One Piece Treasure? The mystery explained!


  • Both Luffy and Roger wanted to be something that Oda didn’t reveal.
  • Over 20 years ago, Roger, after becoming Pirate King, failed to accomplish anything. I think Roger knew he was not the man capable of accomplishing a task after becoming Pirate King.

Actual world

The world of One Piece is divided – in space, time and between races.

-Inequality in space

grand line one piece card

  • The world of One Piece is divided into four regions separated by Grand Line and Red Line.
  • Discrimination also exists when it comes to land islands and sky islands. Many don’t even know the Sky Islands exist, as evidenced by Bellamy’s denial of their existence.

Time division

One Piece Ancient Kingdom

There is no continuity between past and present.

The World Government has erased information about the Void Age to such an extent that very few people are aware of the Old Kingdom and the Void Age.

Racial discrimination

One Piece Royalty

We have seen plenty of evidence of racial discrimination:

  • Treatment reserved for fishermen
  • Existence of slavery
  • Class discrimination with Celestial Dragons having the status of Gods.
  • Discrimination existed even among the inhabitants of the island of Skypiea.

These inequalities show that there is no unity in One Piece. But this sense of unity finds expression in the dreams of the Straw Hats.

Spatial context

Nami One Piece

  • Sanji wants to find ALL the bruises
  • Nami wants to draw the map of the whole world

Temporal context

robin one piece

  • Luffy inherited the Will of D. and is the man who carries the legacy of generations on his shoulders.
  • Luffy also has the Voice of All Things.
  • Likewise, Zoro has a connection to Wano and inherited Ryuma’s heritage.
  • Nico Robin wants to know the real story. Interestingly, she once said that one had to take the information spread by the Poneglyphs to Laugh Tale to understand the real story. It is the uniqueness of information.

Ethnic background

The house under the sea One Piece

There are no direct references to Straw Hats having such dreams, but they have pursued the matter several times through their deeds.

  • Their deeds in Skypiea united the races there.
  • They terminated the exploitation at Dressrosa.
  • They raised their voices in Sabaody against inhuman bidding.
  • Remember what Mihawk said about Luffy at Marineford? He has the power to bring everyone together.

Mihawk impressed by Luffy

Joy Boy One Piece

For this, we have to see the Japanese meaning of “One Piece”.

For the term “One Piece”, what we most often come across is, ワンピース which is literally wan pīsu.

In Marineford, Whitebeard claims that one room does exist – “hito-tsunagi daihiho” (ひとつなぎの大秘宝), which means “the great one-piece treasure”.

One Piece White Beard

However, there are two other more viable readings that would include Kanji with the hiragana “hito-tsunagi” (ひとつなぎ), which means – “the one who connects them all”.

And, another which means “A sea in peace”.

Thus, three important meanings of these terms are:

  • The greatest one-piece treasure
  • A peaceful sea
  • The one that connects them all


Gold Roger and Luffy

From all of the above, we can deduce that One Piece means bringing everything together in one place – one world – a truly globalized world.

It would be a world where all races were united in freedom and equality and where there was continuity in the temporal (past, present and future) and spatial (one sea) context.

Oda said in an interview that One Piece is a physical reward.

Whitebeard at Marineford said “One Piece is real”.

The pirate treasure

Yes, it’s a physical reward because it would unlock “One True World.”

It’s real because Luffy, carrying the legacy of many generations, would be the architect of this world. It is real because this One World existed in the past – in the days of the Old Kingdom.

The Old Kingdom

After becoming the Pirate King, Luffy will learn the true history and challenge the World Government to establish one world in its entirety.

It was this task that Roger failed to accomplish.

Luffy will not only be the pirate king or the king of the world, but he will actually be the creator of this unique world, connecting/uniting everything (races, space, past, present and even future) in “One Piece”.

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What is One Piece Treasure? The mystery explained!

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