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We drink it, we bathe in it, it falls from the sky… Water, a founding element, is omnipresent in our daily lives. It is therefore logical that we often dream of it, in very different forms. Analysis and interpretation with the help of Simone Berno, specialist and author of the “Magic Power of Dreams”*.

Along with earth, fire and air, water is one of the four elements that make up our planet. Much more than others, it is therefore logical that they are as omnipresent in our daytime lives as in our peregrinations of dreamers who seek to understand, when we wake up, the meaning of such a nocturnal intervention. Whether it appears to us in the form of a calm or stormy river, a waterfall, crystal clear or muddy water, water that we drink or immerse ourselves in, water frequently invites itself into our sleep, symbolizing according to its state different messages that our unconscious wants to convey to us.

One thing in common, however, according to Simone Berno, ” dreaming of water is linked both to emotions and to what is stirring in the dreamer’s unconscious “. From uncertainty to apprehension, passing through harmony, dreaming of water therefore symbolizes all kinds of feelings linked to the emotions that we feel in a given period, these images being so many signs that it is correctly interpret.

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Dreaming of water: Freud and Jung

How often, two interpretative approaches to the dream of water are often put forward, that of Freud and that of Jung (which, if they are different, do not however oppose each other here). For Freud, water is linked to pleasure, to orgasm and can even symbolize ejaculation. But it is also a symbol of purification which would appear to us as a desire to wash away our unassumed phantasmagorical thoughts. As for the dream made by a woman to swim in water, it would mean in the Freudian interpretation a desire for motherhood.

For Jung, water relates to creation, birth, renewal. It would therefore appear to us at pivotal periods in our lives, moments of strong change experienced with anguish or serenity.
Two interpretations that are found in that of Islam, which sees water as a purifying element but also as a symbol of success and happiness.

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water in nature

Waterfalls, streams, sea water, rain… Water can appear to us as an element of the landscape of our dream strong enough to be remembered. And, depending on the form and movement it takes, will be a sign or omen of different events or feelings.

  • stagnant water : “ The seaside is soothing and expresses the dreamer’s need to find a little serenity, like the lakes. “, explains Simone Berno. Also the bodies of calm water do they report a need to cover harmony in one’s daily life.
  • moving water : “ Waterways are an image of life, crossing them means going towards something new. », Analyzes the expert.
  • choppy water : “ Storms are strong movements in the dreamer’s unconscious, to be determined by the contexts. So dreaming of a waterfall is often associated with an episode of passion, while dreaming that we are literally under water manifests our temptation to give up or our discouragement in the face of a situation that is beyond us.

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domestic water

Whether it is in the house, whether we drink it or smell it, we can also dream of water at home, or “domesticated” water. Here too, we will distinguish crystal clear water, a symbol of harmony in love, from muddy water, which indicates our concern or our uncertainty in the face of an event that has occurred in our life, which appears to us in the form of this water. through which nothing can be distinguished.

  • The bathroom : “ The bathroom is related to the dreamer’s sexuality. “, explains Simone Berno. According to the scenarios that take place there, therefore, the interpretations are to be oriented in this direction.
  • The overflowing water : “ Water leaks in a house or floods express being overwhelmed by one’s emotions and not being able to manage them. Reason must be strengthened. This is also the case in tidal wave dreams.
  • The swimming pool : “ Bathing in a swimming pool expresses that one accepts to feel things in a relationship. », Analyzes the expert.
  • The water consumed : “ Drinking water expresses the dreamer’s need to listen to his feelings and not to judge too harshly. Cold water is often associated with harmony. On the other hand, boiling water, which appears often, is in the Islamic interpretation a sign of bad omen.

* “The magic power of dreams“, Simone Berno, Solar editions.

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what does it mean ?

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