Top 50 baby names starting with “S”

Are you looking for a name for your future baby? Here is a top X of first names starting with the letter “S”.

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A first name, we carry it for a lifetime. So, it is better not to be mistaken. the choice of first name is an important moment for new parents. It is also often synonymous with disagreements and tensions. Too short, too long, too common or too original… you have to hang on. In the step of choosing the first name, there are letters that speak to us more than others. The editorial staff has selected a top 50 baby names beginning with the letter “S”letter modern and tendency. Masculine, feminine, short or long. You will surely find in this list your dream name.

A first name with the letter “S”: a modern and trendy choice

First name “Sophia” written with wooden letters. Credit: iStock

There are must-haves that cannot be touched. Sarah, Salomé or Sabine for girls and Samuel, Stéphane or Simon for boys and Sacha, the King of the mixed first name starting with the letter “S” in the ranking of the most trendy first names in 2022.

But in the modern genre, the letter “S” is in the top 3! If you want your child to wear a original and trendy first namethe letter “S” is needed.

The symbolism of the letter “S”

You are still hesitating on the first name you are going to give to your small boy or your little girl ? If for you the symbolism of letters and first names is important, know that the letter “S” symbolizes spirit, creation, passion and patience. The nineteenth letter of the alphabet expresses by its shape a contrary movement : one goes upwards and corresponds to spirituality, the other goes downwards and refers to material life. The shape of this letter is made of back and forth from bottom to top and from left to right, like a snake… word also beginning with the letter “S”.

First names, whether for girls or boys, each have their own meaning. By choosing a first name beginning with the letter “S”, you are choosing a name with spiritual influences. Indeed, the shape of the letter “S” is composed of two letters “C”which are eminently reminiscent of thelunar star.

People whose first name begins with an “S” will be people in perpetual physical and mental movement. Regarding their personality, they will to the point. The letter “S” represents the determination and the success in the projects undertaken.

Do you have a first name starting with an “S”? You might recognize yourself. People with names beginning with the letter “S” are very affectionate, yet they struggle to find stable relationships. the recognition is one of the most important factors for those with the letter “S”. They want triumph and shine with their aura.

As you will see later in the article, surnames and first names beginning with the letter “S” are oftenforeign origins. They are very trendy and modern in the United States, Asia or the Middle East. In France, first names beginning with the letter “S” are rather classic. Are you looking for a first name beginning with “S”? here is a list that should be useful to you.

20 Popular Girl Names Beginning With “S”

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  • Sabine
  • Salome
  • Sandra
  • Sarah (or Sara, Sahra)
  • Segolene
  • Severine
  • Shauna
  • Salma
  • Sidonie
  • Solenn (or Solène)
  • Sophia
  • Sonia
  • Stacy
  • Samantha
  • Seraphine
  • Sophie
  • Sephora
  • Sandy
  • Stephanie
  • Sybil

The 20 popular first names starting with “S” for boys

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  • Sam (or Sami, Samy, Sammy)
  • Sandro
  • Stanislas
  • Stéphane (or Stephan)
  • Steven
  • Solomon
  • samuel
  • Salem
  • Scott
  • Sean
  • Simon
  • Silvio
  • Samson
  • Sofiane
  • Sullivan (or Sullivan, Sulyvan)
  • Soann (or Sohann)
  • Swann
  • Sylvain
  • Saad (Japanese first name)
  • Siegfried

10 mixed first names starting with “S”

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  • Stacy
  • Sasha
  • Shane
  • Shawn
  • Sandy
  • Sunny
  • Sevan
  • Samie
  • Holy
  • Soane

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Top 50 baby names starting with “S”

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