The most beautiful dream catcher tattoo ideas and their meaning!

The dream catcher is an object that inspires you and you would like to make a tattoo of it? Meaning, drawing, color, part of the body… everything you need to know to choose the right pattern.

Have you decided to take the plunge for your first tattoo or to add one to your collection of tattoos already present on your body? The dream catcher has a strong symbolism in your eyes and its aesthetics please you? Find out everything there is to know about this native american spiritual objectits meaning, as well as pattern and style ideas to adopt!

Dreamcatcher tattoo: the meaning of this object

The dream catcher (dreamcatcher in English) is a Native American spiritual object. To be hung above his bed, this sensor would protect against evil spirits that haunt dreams. The dream catcher is a lucky charm and an object of protection.

It traditionally consists of a sort of cobweb, which forms a rosette, in a circle embellished with feathers and beads which would capture the bad dreams while letting the good dreams pass.

The dream catcher tattoo therefore has protection as its main meaning, but it can also symbolize spirituality, the spirit. For many years, many people have chosen to get this object tattooed, whether for its meaning, for the particular aesthetics of this drawing full of detailsor as a symbol of Native American culture.

What part of the body should you get a dreamcatcher tattooed on?

The good thing about the dreamcatcher object is that you can easily adjust its size and shape so that it perfectly marries the lines of the body. The placement of the tattoo therefore depends solely on your preferences.

If you want a large piece, it is better to focus on areas such as the back, thigh, calf, shoulder or arm. On the other hand, if you are more of a fan of small tattoos, the dream catcher can be placed on any part of the body including the forearm, wrist, ankle, foot, shoulder blade, etc.

Your sensitivity to pain can also guide the choice of size and placement of the tattoo. Certain parts of the body are more painful to tattoo. If you are snug, avoid joints and bony areas where the skin is thin.

Furthermore, the visibility of the tattoo can influence your choice. Indeed, if you want the design to be discreet and easy to hide, opt for areas that can be covered such as the arms, the back, the thigh, the calf, the foot.

Style, color, size… the most beautiful dream catcher tattoo ideas

The traditional dreamcatcher design consists of a woven circle, beads and dangling feathers. But it can be declined in a thousand and one ways. This pattern allows freedom to adaptyou can add elements and remove others.

To symbolize its relationship to nature, one can incorporate one or more flowers, leaves, branches. Choose a flower according to its meaning so that the tattoo makes sense to you.

The circle of the circle catcher is made of flowers and branches.

You can also add an object, a symbol inside the circle to transform the overall meaning of the tattoo. For example, a dreamcatcher tattoo with a wind rose will symbolize the (internal) journey but also the past, the present and the future.

If you want to go with a color tattoo, you can emphasize certain details of the design, such as pearls and feathers in color, and the rest of the tattoo in black and white.

Moreover, the dreamcatcher is a tattoo design that lends itself very well to the watercolor style with colored ink.

If you are connected.e spirituality and mystical objects, replace the circle of the dream catcher by a crescent moon and add an astral dimension at the tattoo.

People who prefer discreet tattoos or who are getting their first tattoo will opt for a minimalist style. A small dream catcher engraved on the ribs, on the wrist or the ankle will be the most beautiful effect.

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The most beautiful dream catcher tattoo ideas and their meaning!

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