Tell me, what is it to be Miss Champagne-Ardenne?

“Tell me what is it? » is a program of our web TV, in partnership with Champagne FM. For this episode, our team of curious little ones was able to interview two Miss Champagne-Ardenne: Léna Massinger, Miss Champagne-Ardenne 2022, and Solène Scholer who succeeds her. Questions that are sometimes unexpected, surprising or very down to earth. Selected pieces.

In the auditorium of the Degerman salon, in Reims, seated on the red armchairs, our little princesses are waiting for the misses, all feverish, a bit impatient. “We are here to answer all your questions”, assures Léna Massinger, Miss Champagne-Ardenne last year. A formula that has the gift of giving confidence to our seeds of reporters. As soon as the two misses are installed, the first question bursts out.

Do you wear your white scarf every day? Solène Scholer at the risk of seeing a myth collapse answers in the negative: “We wear it on events, when we take photos with partners”. Léna Massinger continues: “ We wear it when we come to see Jess at Champagne FM, when we come to L’union (Marne regional daily belonging to the Rossel group, which also includes L’Est éclair, editor’s note). Each time, in fact, that we are performing. With our family or on Sundays, jogging on our sofa, we don’t put on our scarf. The children laugh heartily. Something to break the ice.

Where is your crown stored? “In a round box with a pretty bow on the lid. »

And you can keep it all your life? wonders Ethan, who asked his question by tablet. “Yes, she is ours. »

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You wanted to be Miss France when you were my age? “Honestly, no”, Solene replies. ” I knew the election. I looked at her. Girls made me dream but I didn’t want to be especially like them. It was once a teenager that the idea began to gain ground. As a child, Léna didn’t dream of being Miss France either.

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Once these questions, expected to say the least, have been evacuated, the questions become more indiscreet and even totally unusual!

Like that of Camille, from the height of her 11 years, who asks: Do you have a comforter? If Solène Scholer has never had a fetish plush, she confides that
“As a child, all around my bed, I had lots of little stuffed animals that all had a meaning. » On the other hand, Léna still has her cuddly toy. “I’ve had it since I was little. He is very ugly but I love him very much! And for the little anecdote, to Miss France, I almost lost it but luckily I found it. »

Gaspard, 8, wants above all to know if Solène and Léna have a lot of lovers. What’s your favorite color ? Do you have to wear heels? Interventions flow in all directions.

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To Maélys’ question, do you want to cut your hair or change your color? Our team of curious little ones is stunned by Léna’s answer: ” Even if Solène wanted to, she couldn’t because she shot her Miss France portrait and she mustn’t change anything about her appearance until December 17, the day of the election. »

And what is your favorite dish? For Léna, it turns out it’s salad and Solène likes pasta “all the way”.

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For her part, Rinoa, the smallest of our reporters, is above all waiting to know what job the two beauty queens would like to do later. If Léna is still looking for her professional path, Solène’s career seems all mapped out: ” I am studying medicine to become a general practitioner. Lena, who just knows for now that she wants to be her own boss, comments: “Perhaps in a few years when you have a stomach ache, Solène will take care of you. »

Do you have any ripped socks?I’m not going to lie to you, the answer is yes and it happens to me often! », admits Solène, holding back a small grimace.

Can you sing your favorite music? Do you do your hair alone? What is your favorite perfume? Do you have a pet ? What is your biggest shame? Do you know how to play a musical instrument? The questions follow one another at a breakneck pace.

Then, What’s your biggest stupidity? Solene blushes. “When I entered first grade, I was really scared. I was very shy. I did not follow the mistress. I ran away, I ran away. I found my parents in the playground and I clung to my mother because I was actually really scared. »

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Do you practice smiling in your mirror? Solène recognizes that although she tries to be as natural as possible, she has nevertheless trained so that it becomes automatic. Léna explains that it is “above all to find the smile that highlights us the most”.

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After an hour of interview, the appointment is already coming to an end “As you love Misses too much, too much, I hope that one day you too will have the opportunity to become Miss Champagne-Ardenne”launches Léna Massinger. “I thought it was so cool to be with you today”adds Solène Scholer. “I wish you success in your dreams. »

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Tell me, what is it to be Miss Champagne-Ardenne?

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