OrelSan releases the reissue of CIVILIZATION

A year after the release of his last album “Civilization”, OrelSan is already back with a documentary and a reissue entitled “Civilization Lost”, composed of ten unreleased tracks.

CIVILIZATION, a huge success

The end of 2021 was marked by the long-awaited return of the man who had been forgotten again since 2017. Indeed, OrelSan returned to center stage with a documentary “Never show this to anyone”directed by his brother Clement Cotentin and Christopher Offensteinretracing his 20-year career in rap, accompanied by a brand new album entitled “Civilization”.

And what a success, the documentary exploded, the sales figures for pre-orders of the album too, the album was already eligible for the gold disc even before its release with more than 50,000 sales. Also, let’s remember this original marketing strategy of drawing a specific puck for each track of the limited edition album. Subsequently, he establishes a new record with the fastest diamond disc in the history of French rap in just 161 days, about five months. Beyond the quality of the album and the hits, OrelSan and his team were also very demanding on the clips and his tour. A success beyond expectations.

“GREEN because we will be caught up by the Earth
BLACK for the mistakes we made and will make
BLUE and RED because I base myself on my country
I remove the WHITE, to evolve it is sometimes necessary to destroy
SHURIKEN because it’s stylish, because you have to know how to like it, to defend yourself… but it’s still a star so you can pray
A CHECKERBOARD like this everyone can make it their own

I was all alone, there are thousands of us” – OrelSan, explaining the meaning of his flag

LOST CIVILIZATION, the ultimate edition

On the same process, OrelSan began his return this year with the sequel to his documentary which, this time, plunges us directly into his latest album Civilization, always by the side of Skread, ablaze and his brother Clement. We discover OrelSan in a more immersive and detailed content, since this season only traces the process of creating this album: between his torments, his private life, his failures and his successes. The document leaves some clues about a potential reissue, we notice that the tracklist shows titles that were not retained. OrelSan therefore announces its return to this observation. Indeed, after reviewing the documentary, the rapper from Caen realized that some of these tracks were ultimately rather interesting and decided to release them on a reissue called “Lost Civilization”.

“It took me twenty years to no longer be a loser, I can become one again in less than a minute” – Orelsan, Of course

Of the ten unreleased titles of Lost Civilizationthere is only one collaboration with Angelawhich could not be completed in time for Civilization. The very dancing ” Obviously “ is therefore present on this reissue.

Like OrelSan and its very wide musical opening, we find some attempts and risk-taking on this reissue, with in particular the surprising “Ah France” or the guitar-voice “Us against the world”. We can also listen again to OrelSan on a jersey rhythm with the eponymous track “Lost Civilization” and ” Ok good… “.

The reissue ends on ” We won “, a very festive piece, which can sound like the end of a career. Indeed, after the difficulties for the rapper to restore his ideas in this last album, this piece leaves doubt among the fans of the rapper from Caen. But OrelSan always knew how to surprise us, only the future will tell us if the latter will release a new album or not. Waiting, Lost Civilization is available on all streaming platforms by clicking here.

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OrelSan releases the reissue of CIVILIZATION

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