New Moon March 2, 2022: Confronting Our Dreams With Reality

The season of Pisces has barely started, here we are forced to face reality, in this new moon march 2, 2022which invites us to clarify our feelings to understand and build the world of tomorrow.

This is more or less confirmed by theastro-journalist Maressa Brown on the American site InStyle. “This period is so difficult to pin down, because the sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams […] The New Moon in Pisces encourages us to clarify what we want our own reality to look like, in order to set a powerful and expansive intention,” she writes.

New moon March 2, 2022: the starting point of a new cycle

It’s hard to believe these days, but this March 2, 2022 new moon in Pisces portends hope and renewal, astrologically speaking. This lunation “offers the opportunity to kick off a whole new whimsical and spiritually satisfying chapter in your life,” says Maressa Brown.

This will therefore be the starting point of a six-month cycle during which, more than ever, we will have to rely on our emotions and our intuition to shape the world of tomorrow. “The new moon is about connecting with our emotions and using them as a guide as we navigate the changes ahead in our lives,” reads the statement.astrology expert Nina Kahn, on

“It’s a beautiful time to let our dreams and imaginations run wild, as the transcendent vibe of Pisces likes to get lost in fantasy. […] Its mutable zodiac energy inspires us to remain open to change. Give yourself a chance to be introspective and embrace the ever-changing desires of your inner self,” she continues.

Jupiter-Uranus: the boost we’ve been waiting for

In addition to the moon, which does its monthly somersault, planets enter the dance. “The main planetary action unfolding around this new moon in Pisces is a conjunction with Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, which in astrology represents fortune and expansion,” Maressa Brown announces.

This arrival of Jupiter is a “good omen” and boosts the revealing effects of Pisces. “The sun and moon will approach lucky planet Jupiter as the new moon peaks, which amplifies the emotional depth of this lunation and infuses it with sense of hope, expansion and growthand. The Jupiterian influence also makes this lunation an auspicious opportunity to manifest more abundance in our lives and to think more positively about our goals. It’s time to get spiritual, listen to your emotions, and set dreamy intentions, because this new moon offers us a fruitful new start”, completes Nina Kahn.

Add to that a rebellious Uranus in friendly sextile with the new moon and more broadly, Jupiter, and we have the perfect pattern moving forward. “Uranus pushes for change that comes entirely out of the blue, breakthroughs and shocking and electrifying moments. It’s about going against convention and acting independently, and it can stir up a lot of nervous energy. And that could very well be the case around this new moon,” continues Maressa Brown. “Any surprises that present themselves now will ideally prove to be exciting and spiritually satisfying while inspiring positive change,” she predicts.

New moon of March 2, 2022: what effects on my astro sign?

While this new moon is going to affect the entire zodiac, it will have different effects for each sign.

So let’s start with the Rams who will no doubt want to hibernate before facing reality. It must be said that the recent news does not really make you want to put your nose outside. Meditate, breathe… and soon, get out of your cave to enjoy spring.

As to Bulls, the new moon will shed light on a goal that is particularly close to your heart. think about who you want by your side to move forward, because the victories are even tastier with many.

The Gemini will be able reflect on their career and the direction they want to give it in the months to come. Remember that luck is with you, so listen to yourself, the rest will follow.

No more routine for Cancers! The new moon invites you to go on an adventure, to project yourself into the future, to book unusual holidays. In short, to see life with optimism.

It will be a question of strengthened ties and a heart listened to for the lions, who are invited to let go a bit and to open their shells to let new people into their hearts.

Dream bigger. This is the slogan that could stick to virgins in this new moon. Take the opportunity to put down on paper what you aspire toit helps to build happy tomorrows.

Spring cleaning and new organization for Scales. The stated goal? Always found more balance and make room for your imagination.

The Scorpios will be able to start a new chapter in their love life: marriage, moving, renewal of vows… or even a project for two? We leave it to youimagine the best scenario to make 2022 rhyme with happiness.

As to Sagittariansthis is the perfect time to take care of your emotions. Pleasing others is good, but finding what makes you calm and makes you feel safe is better.

A blank canvas and total freedom to invent the world of tomorrow which will satisfy you in every way, Capricorns. Whether it’s buying a van to travel the Basque coast or retraining yourself professionally: it’s up to you.

If you think you should be paid more, now is the time to formalize it, at Aquarius. Trust your dynamism, your passion and your work to convince your employer.

We end our tour of the Zodiac with the Pisces. This new moon offers a golden opportunity to project yourself for the next six months. Little advice, don’t hold back on your goals : Jupiter and the moon invite you to aim for the stars.

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New Moon March 2, 2022: Confronting Our Dreams With Reality

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