New Moon July 28, 2022: Love and Success for All Zodiac Signs

Do you feel washed out? Since Mercury retrograde last May, many signs have struggled to regain balance.

But don’t worry, the end of the tunnel is not far away. After the most important full moon of the year 15 days ago, it is “one of the most beautiful lunations of 2022 awaits us“, announcement astrologer Nina Kahn for Bustle.

Settling in the sign of Leo, the new moon on Thursday, July 28, 2022 “will only bring us positives” and the whole Zodiac will be able to benefit from its good vibes.

“She will serve up sun-filled blessings, which can help you achieve your dreams,” continues the celestial specialist.

Spoilers: the sky of this end of July will be organized around passion, desire and assurance.

New Moon July 28, 2022: Fiery Leo Gives Us Confidence

New moons are always synonymous with chapters to close and new pages to write.

And this July 28, 2022, in the distinguished and powerful sign of Leo, “its spiritual significance urges us to forget our fears and prepare for battle,” notes Bustle.

The fiery, fiery and confident energies brought by the sign that rules this midsummer will hit us right in the heart. And as Leo likes to be the center of attention, this will be the perfect time to (re)put the spotlight on the projects and relationships that drive you.

Whether you want to manifest romance, professional success, or creative inspiration, this new moon offers an extremely powerful opportunity.”, shares Nina Kahn. According to the astrologer, even “miraculous events” should be expected.

And carried away by the leadership qualities of the fire sign, even the less of the Zodiac will feel their wings growing.

“Leo energy wants to be the best, the one that will shine the brightest. This fixed fire sign knows how to work hard to reach the top – so now is not the time to doubt your abilities or settle for the fruit the most. As you focus on what you want to accomplish and goals stretch into the month ahead, this lunation reminds us of the importance of believing in our own unlimited potential. If you had no limits, what (or who) would you want? Allow yourself to boldly claim the noblest of your desires“, recommended astro-journalist Maressa Brownfor InStyle.

A fiery trine with Jupiter

Especially since this powerful energy will be increased tenfold by the planet Jupiter, currently in Aries, which comes to form a trine with the moon and the sun, they therefore in Leo.

“This connection, it’s like an explosion of good luck, pouring optimism and potential into all of our endeavours. While new moons are almost always good for starting new things, this one is especially good for setting intentions,” says Nina Kahn.

Jupiter being the planet of expansion, stimulated by daring Aries, it will make us feel invincible: feeling of euphoria guaranteed!

“Maybe you thought about planning a vacation, and now it turns into an international adventure? Or are you ready to present a business proposal to superiors and what you share has grown from a seed of an idea to something much more ambitious? Everything is possible. It could also be that the emotions are more intense than usual”, warns Maressa Brown withInStyle.

A meeting between Venus and Mars for a sensual and erotic new moon

Speaking of emotions, this new moon should also leave us all exhilarated.

If Leo is already a sensual and fiery sign, Bustle tells us “scorching romantic energy”due to the presence of Venus in a “naughty sextile” with Mars.

“This easy connection between the two planets of love bodes well for anyone setting relationship-related intentions. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings and your sensual desires or to declare your love if you haven’t already,” advises Nina Kahn.

“We must not forget that Leo is the sign that governs the affairs of the heart. It’s the perfect time to infuse romance into your life.. The sense of self-confidence brought by Leo applies to all areas of life, so aim for the stars, they will respond to you with lots of love,” insists the star specialist.

New moon of July 28, 2022: what effects on my astro sign?

The Rams won’t have to beat around the bush with this new moon. Love story, job, loan… You want something? Take the plunge, you’re well on your way to harvesting all the things you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

At the bulls, it will be a question of family at the end of July. Your inner life is the focus. Advice from the stars? Engage in routines and relationships that nurture your long-term balance.

You are in a curious mood friends Gemini. Driven by a wind of benevolent communication, it’s time to immerse yourself in a social and intellectually stimulating project. You’ve always wanted to make a difference: your time has come.

You are going to have good financial news, dear. Cancer. You are motivated by the idea of ​​increasing your cash flow and seek to earn more recognition from your superiors. Take actions that resonate with your values ​​and your wallet will thank you.

With the new moon in your sign, lions, this is your chance to clarify your plans for the last half of the year. What message(s) do you want to convey to the world?

You are not used to it, but it is the sweetness that will accompany you at the end of the month, virgins. This is particularly the time to meditate on what you need from your loved ones and to express these requests.

With this new moon falling in your eleventh house of networking and friendship, teamwork is favored among Scales. If you’re looking to partner up with friends, now’s the time to get the ball rolling.

Scorpios, you will finally reap the recognition of people you respect and who have the ability to help you progress in your professional journey. Don’t hesitate to put yourself in the spotlight, it’s time to throw yourself flowers.

Once is not custom, the Sagittarians are thirsty for adventure and learning. You will be forced to step out of your comfort zone – one of your favorite hobbies. You might be inspired by a long-distance trip or professional retraining.

With the new moon in your eighth house of emotional bonding and sexual intimacy, Capricorns, you will be in tune with what you need in your loved one – current or potential. Opening up to your desires to explore uncharted territory can be exciting and fulfilling.

Aquarius, this new moon allows you to set a new tone in your relationships. Thinking about the reciprocity of your feelings (friends or lovers) and talking about them is essential to making the best of the situation.

Finally Pisces, it’s time off for you. With this new moon in your sixth house of well-being, you could therefore be motivated, during the summer break, to concoct a new body-mind routine.

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New Moon July 28, 2022: Love and Success for All Zodiac Signs

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