New Moon April 30: These 3 signs are likely to have a bad night…

Surprise ! This month we are entitled to a second New Moon. The month of April is therefore charged with emotions and ends in apotheosis with a New Moon in Taurus on April 30, 2022. What will this New Moon bring us? How can we approach it? We take stock.

Meaning of the New Moon April 30, 2022

While many are familiar with the Full Moon, its effects and symbol are less known. However, the latter is at least as important as the Full Moon in astrology.

In her book Getting Started with Astrology, Pola Von Grüt explains: “The new moon corresponds to the moment when the Sun and the Moon are in the same degree in the sky. The Moon then disappears in the sky, revealing the firmament. This phrase of momentum is akin to the time when the plant is growing from seed, but still underground, hidden from view from the world. It is a time when we become aware of our own seeds, our desires, our hopes. So it’s a good time to set an intention, to start a project. It all depends on us, our imagination and our commitment to our dreams.”

A New Moon is almost invisible in the sky since the Moon is located between the Sun and the Earth. Result: it appears against the light in the sky.

In which sign is the New Moon of April 30, 2022?

The new moon effects depend on the astrological sign in which it is. The Moon can be powerful or its effects can be weakened depending on its location in the sky. The April 30 New Moon is in the Taurus signan earth sign known for its tenacity, realism and loyalty.

A Moon in Taurus emphasizes the importance of feelings. This is a good time to be gentle and sensitive. The feeling of security is essential while having the need to enjoy life and those close to you. Epicureans will be delighted!

The astro signs favored by the New Moon in Taurus

Three astrological signs are in a good position to benefit from the positive energy of this New Moon:

  • A career at the top for the Virgin

Nice period in sight for the sign of the Virgin. The latter will feel particularly inspired and motivated by this New Moon, especially in her career. Beware, however, of small bursts of fatigue that could be felt. It’s time to save!

  • Beautiful family moments for Pisces

Decidedly, everything seems to smile at Pisces lately. Many planets are united in this sign: Mars, Neptune, Venus or Jupiter which bring a lot of tenderness, imagination, luck but also energy to this astrological sign. The realm of family and home are particularly highlighted during this New Moon.

  • Intuition for Cancer

On the Cancer side, this New Moon is also auspicious and positive. This astrological sign will feel particularly fulfilled and feel its instincts developing. It’s time to believe in him and in his sixth sense: his intuition will be his best compass!

The astro signs disadvantaged by the New Moon in Taurus

Three astrological signs, on the contrary, are likely to be under tension because of this New Moon:

  • Taurus must relativize

Small tensions are to be expected on the side of Taurus. His emotions are more vivid, he shows impatience and risks taking things too seriously. Everything is a question of point of view: if he manages to put things into perspective, Taurus can on the contrary experience a very motivating period.

  • Aquarius has communication problems

Loss of control and small tantrums to be expected for the sign of Aquarius. The latter may have difficulty communicating and being understood. The sign of Aquarius may well exceed the limits if it does not take a step back and argue with loved ones. So we take a deep breath and turn our tongue 7 times in our mouth before speaking…

Impatience and impulsiveness are likely to upset the sign of Leo. Be careful not to get annoyed too quickly! This sign wants to rebel and needs a change of scenery. Result ? He can even be disagreeable if he has the feeling that he is being deprived of his freedom and independence.

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New Moon April 30: These 3 signs are likely to have a bad night…

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