New Moon April 30, 2022: Boosted by the Solar Eclipse, Determined Taurus Encourages Us to Push Our Limits

Double dose of cosmic manifestations for this last week of April. Saturday April 30, 2022, we will be entitled to our second new moon of the month – called blue moon – in Taurus. And bonuses, the latter coincides with a partial solar eclipse.

A down-to-earth, stable and pragmatic sign, Taurus will guide us towards a reorganization of our lives. “The influence of Taurus will inevitably be more intense than usual this year, because it welcomes, in its sky, the first of the eclipses of the 2022 season”, warns astro-journalist Maressa Brown, for InStyle.

The tone is set for this extremely rare event that will shake up the sky: “it is better to expect the unexpected”, advises the specialist in the stars.

New moon of April 30, 2022: financial celebrations in sight!

If each new moon is an opportunity to take a break, that of April 30 in Taurus will be even more conducive to introspection and reflection on our comfort, our surroundings and our values.

“Taurus appreciates any opportunity to enhance life security and nurture self-esteem. This supercharged new moon could increase its effects tenfold,” continues Maressa Brown.

The sign of Taurus is also recognized for its hardworking and determined side, which could also be accentuated by the various celestial movements planned for April 30, 2022. A positive energy which could come to swell for our wallet, just in time to apprehend serenely the first preparations for the holidays.

“With this new moon, be on the lookout. Unexpected opportunities – work, investments – could positively affect our income. These opportunities will surely push us beyond the limits of our comfort zone. Be confident, any challenge related to the eclipse will help us grow”, reassures Nina Kahn, journalist specializing in astrology for Bustle.

A new moon magnified by a partial solar eclipse

If the new moons are used to bringing with them their share of upheavals, that of April 30 will be amplified by the first eclipse of the year, which will come to exacerbate our emotions.

But fear not: “this new moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus is intense, but intensity doesn’t always equal negativity,” points out Noush, astrologer at Girl and Her Moonfor Refinery29.

Because if the eclipses are “real astrological jokers”, according to Nina Kahn of bustle, this one, tempered by the rational Taurus, should not be marked by important changes.

“This beginning of the eclipse season rather offers us the opportunity to understand how we create value in our lives, and what we can do to bring more stability and pleasure to it”, continues the astro-journalist.

This April 30 will therefore be the ideal time to put things back on track and create a solid foundation, in order to initiate the next upheavals of the stars, such as the retrograde of Mercury, from May 10, 2022. “It’s the start of a long period of change, whether it’s love, friends, family, education, career or ourselves,” says Kalina Trifonova, astrologer at Nebulato Refinery29.

A Venus-Jupiter-Neptune alignment favorable to our loves

In addition to this rare sight, on Saturday, the Sun and Moon will also conjunct Uranusan eccentric planet, which will add its two cents to this already complex equation.

“Whenever Uranus is a key player in an astrological event, it tends to create twists – for better or for worse,” warns Maressa Brown.

Finally, a triple alignment between Jupiter, Venus and Neptune, in Pisces, will come to lay the last stone in the building of these exceptional celestial manifestations. “It’s the perfect time to cement a new romantic dream,” says Lisa Stardust, astrologeralways at Refinery29.

According to her, the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter will be particularly favorable to our loves. Do not hesitate to organize a first date on Saturday evening, or to slip into the DM of the person you covet, the planets are – literally – aligned, so that everything goes for the best.

New moon of April 30, 2022: what effects on my astro sign?

One thing is certain, these multiple celestial events announce powerful changes for all the signs of the zodiac.

silver level, Rams will be winners. Some sudden opportunities to increase your income may arise. A word of advice: don’t rush and study all the options available to you, because there won’t be just one.

With the new moon taking place in your sign, friends bulls, you will surely be the ones who will be the most upset (positively!). And the program is enticing: personal growth and deep spiritual alignment. You may even have to step out of your comfort zone to find your way.

For the Gemini, it will be your psyche that will be most stimulated by these multiple movements of the sky. Remember to slow down, take time for yourself. This is the perfect time for a little introspection, in order to fully integrate the lessons that this lunation is trying to pass on to you.

On the side of Cancer, so it will be time to slow down, but in your case, on a social level. If lately you have had the impression of getting lost in your surroundings, know that the period is conducive to new friendly encounters and inspiring connections, much more aligned with your visions. Open your heart to it.

At the lions, it moves on a professional level. Sudden and surprising opportunities, sometimes diametrically opposed to your current activity, could turn up the tip of their nose, forcing you out of your comfort zone at work.

A bit of adventure for virgins, to whom the eclipse will give a little sparkle in life. So, we don’t shy away from proposals to learn new things or broaden our horizons, even if the said opportunities do not seem useful to you. Knowing how to let go is a good thing!

Scales, if you are currently experiencing an emotional tidal wave, know that this new moon will bring you major discoveries, regarding the inner workings of your relationships. Don’t run away from problems, sometimes addressing them is lifesaving. You might even receive unexpected apologies, which will mend old wounds.

You are entering a period of important evolution, dear. Scorpios. You will make encounters that will have meaning and will weigh on your future and will obtain answers that will move you forward. Expect the unexpected.

Spring cleaning on the program Sagittarians, your routine has a new look! An unexpected project could come your way and force you to adjust your schedule to make room for it. You will face these changes like a leader, because your motivation is unwavering.

The new moon will bring an unexpected flash of creativity and inspiration, Capricorns. Try to invest this positive dynamic in something that speaks to your heart. You tend to forget, but your passions deserve as much attention as your professional goals, so use this burst of exciting energy to feed your inner child.

Natives of Aquarius, deep emotional changes await you. Revelations, especially in the family sphere, could break out in the coming days. You may also be invited to embark on a journey of healing past wounds. Trust these changes and face your fears, fearlessly.

In the midst of a period of spiritual growth and magic, Pisces, you will be satisfied with this new moon. If new social connections reach out to you, your creativity is not left out. The – good – ideas fuse! So, we don’t censor ourselves, and we remain open to change, it only wants you well.

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New Moon April 30, 2022: Boosted by the Solar Eclipse, Determined Taurus Encourages Us to Push Our Limits

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