Moon tattoo: meaning and models to copy

It influences nature and sometimes our moods: the moon is part of our daily life and has always had a strong symbolism. And if you chose this celestial object as a tattoo?

As you know, the tattoo world likes to use patterns that are not only aesthetic but also very metaphorical, and you can hardly do better than the moon for that!

What is the meaning of the moon tattoo?

A strong symbol for many civilizations and religions — it was thus often represented by deities and its crescent adorns multiple flags just like mosques — the moon never ceases to fascinate us. Obviously mysterious with its hidden side, our faithful satellite alone embodies a certain spirituality but also the changeevolution, with its different phases that recall the cycle of life.
Often synonymous with femininity, fecundity and fertilitythe moon inspires us and feeds our imagination, and embodies this light that guides us in the night and perhaps in life too.
So many meanings rich in meaning that can make us want a moon tattoo !

What moon tattoo designs?

And there is no shortage of moon tattoo ideas: get inspired to choose yours. Maybe you want a small tattoo minimalist moon, with a simple crescent moon, drawn in ultra thin or thicker line, filled or not, and which will signify your ongoing rebirth. You can dress up this croissant to personalize it a little more with, for example, a gradient in the fill, mandala patterns, or even flowers to accentuate her femininity.
Other even more stylized models are available to you, such as a dreamcatcher tattoo with a crescent moon in its center, a colorful watercolor-style tattoo, or old school with bright tones, or even with a personified moon, like a friend who will accompany you throughout your life.
This crescent moon tattoo can also serve as a frame for a painting such as a landscape or a starry sky for example, or be embellished with one or more stars, or even a constellation.
Tempted by a realistic tattoo? Then include a full moon with craters, larger than life. This full moon may also be accompanied by nocturnal animals that you appreciate for their independent character, such as a cat or a wolf for example. For a larger tattoo, you can have the different phases of the moon drawn: located for example along the spine for women or on the torso for men, it is sure to attract attention!
The moon also lends itself well to couple tattooswith for example a crescent on one person and a sun on the other, to show your differences and especially your complementarity.

Where to get a moon tattoo?

A small moon tattoo can find its place wherever you want! Inside the wrist behind the earon the ankle and even on the side of a finger, everything is possible: it’s up to you to see how much you want to expose it.
Larger designs will be highlighted on a larger body area such as the arm, back or thigh.

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Moon tattoo: meaning and models to copy

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