Last night I dreamed that I was flying: what does that mean?

Once you have fallen into the arms of Morpheus, do you find yourself in an environment where lightness, freedom and fullness are in order? No doubt, you dream that you are flying.

And if these moments when we no longer touch Earth are the most pleasant to live, their meaning is just as pleasant.

“As much as theft is not so frequent in the dream. Typically, we will more often find ourselves in situations of confinement, where we will find our way, than in the air”, underlines Chantal Motto, psychotherapist and author of Deciphering your dreams to properly guide your life (Ed. InterEditions).

But then, what do these rare and precious dreams tell us?

Theft, symbol of liberation par excellence

Flight or flight are undeniably associated with freedom. In the air, it is impossible to feel restrained by shackles, we are free to move.

“Often it’s a dream that comes after a very stressful event or a situation that has been bothering us for a long time,” says Chantal Motto.

“We managed to overcome something, it can be a fear, or the outcome of a project. It’s the dream of success“, she assures.

Airports, preparing for a trip: dreams that herald good news

But even before dreaming of flying, the dream specialist argues that there are “dreams of flight preparation” to which attention should be paid.

“We see each other in an airport, we wait for the takeoff of a plane, a rocket… Without ever having the outcome of this departure in the dream in question”, she explains.

According to Chantal Motto, these preparatory dreams already show that the process of detachment, success and emancipation has begun. A bit like a message from our unconscious, to tell us that we are on the right track and that we must not let go until the final flight.

Flying in an airplane or on your own wings: the different degrees of freedom

But in the dream flight, different means are represented and thus represent different degrees of liberation. Airplane, hot air balloon, hang glider or simply flight as if you had wings… The way you fly is important.

“Already, when you hover in a machine, there is an extirpation which is very positive, but the ultimate sensation is that of flying from ourselves. It is the symbol of an extreme liberation, so extreme that one is in symbiosis with the air and that one pushes back the limits of the possible. It is to experience something unknown, like a reward for passing the obstacle”, interprets Chantal Motto.

Dreaming of high: between expression of desires and mirror of reality

And even if these dreams generally occur after significant events, it is necessary, as usual, to relate them to our personal situations. Thus, they can also occur without any accomplishment having taken place recently.

“It can be an expression of our reality, with the dream that takes a picture of our fulfillment, or an expression of our desires, as if to tell us that it is up to us to achieve this bliss. But generally, it’s because something is already in motion”, she reassures.

One thing is for sure, if you are lucky enough to experience these “almost magical” dreams, then embrace them. “Often, they respond to these dreams where we have only one wish: to go back to sleep to live the experience to infinity”, concludes Chantal Motto.

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Last night I dreamed that I was flying: what does that mean?

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