Koh-Lanta: Clo without the top and visible thong with his companion, they set fire to the Web!

A few years ago, Clo managed to make himself known thanks to his participation in Koh-Lanta. And the least we can say is that the show allowed him to come out live. Since then, she shares her life with Manon.

Clo’s coming out in Koh-Lanta

During a Koh-Lanta bonus, Clo did not hesitate to make a very touching statement. Faced with everyone, she came out. She confided: “I am very happy to have been able make one of my biggest dreams come true.

Clo (Koh-Lanta) also added: “I gained a lot of self-confidence thanks to this adventure which is really out of the ordinary. (…) I only have one thing left to accomplish in my life now Denis…

She then said: “It’s to find the woman of my life”. An announcement that had greatly moved the Web. In an interview with Purepeople in 2019, she had also given information on his meeting with his sweetheart.

“It happened very quickly after the Koh-Lanta final when I came out live. After that night, my Instagram account was flooded with messages.

Clo added: “I had made a big sorting among all these messages. Among them was Manon, whom I already knew. I recognized her immediately.”.

Clo and Manon are going to settle

The Koh-Lanta candidate explained: “We actually spoke together five years ago on Facebook. At the time, we exchanged, because we had a friend in common. I had seen her on snaps from that friend..

Before telling: “I liked Manon. And I had told him. We just talked together. But we never saw each other. In the end, she watched the whole season of Koh-Lanta without recognizing myself.

At the time, Clo (Koh-Lanta) also revealed: “Basically, we live two hours apart. As she is a teacher, this summer, we were able to see each other quite often, because she was on vacation..

“(…) We both live but I will definitely have my own apartment. Manon wants us to take our time, it’s not going too fast and I understand it”.

Since then, the two young women have come a long way together. There is little, they have also revealed to their fans that they were going to pacser. A very nice way to make their love a little more concrete.

In Story Instagram, Clo shared his request on Instagram. She wrote on a huge pink card with hearts: “Do you want to be the woman of my life? Let’s get together! ». His darling also answered “yes”.

Adorable holiday snaps

If Clo (Koh-Lanta) is looking for the ring for his sweetheart, she also enjoys her vacation with the latter. This Tuesday, August 2, she shared two new photos on her Instagram account.

Clo posed with just her swimsuit bottoms. On the first shot, fans could see Manon carrying her darling. Face to face, the two exchanged a very tender and sincere look.

On the 2ᵉ photo, the candidate from Koh-Lanta posed on the back of Manon. They appeared hyper complicit and really close to each other. Those who will soon be in a pacser have not failed to melt the fans.

They wrote: “You two girls are very pretty. », « Canoooo this photo! but also “The perfect ingredients for memorable vacation.

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Koh-Lanta: Clo without the top and visible thong with his companion, they set fire to the Web!

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