June 28, 2022 New Moon: A Forced Emotional Reset To Spend The Summer With Serenity

The sky of this beginning of summer 2022 is supercharged. After the extremely rare alignment of five planets during half of June, the first summer lunation brings with it its share of upheavals.

On the night of June 28 to 29, 2022, a new moon will take place which will close the month and shake up our emotions a little more.. Installed in the ambitious and sensitive sign of Cancer, it will invite the whole Zodiac to perform an emotional reset, before starting the month of July which promises to be just as scorching as the temperatures that characterize it.

“The new moon will bring an emotional swell. As the first major lunation of summer, it will connect us to our sensitive sides. All the signs will be hit right in the heart“, announcement astrologer Nina Kahn for Bustle.

Thus, it is a soft, but powerful moon that awaits us to end the month of June. “This emotionally charged astrological event could be one of those new moons that most closely resembles a full moon,” warns his side. Maresa Brown for InStyle. So no respite on the horizon.

New moon of June 28, 2022: take stock of your feelings

The sign of Cancer is known to be compassionate, benevolent and gentle. But he is much more than the label of hypersensitive that we try to stick to him.

“We tend to forget that his energy is a bit insidious. Often, it’s the bad mood that characterizes his season”, warns Nina Kahn.

Certainly, the stars invite us to undertake an “emotional reset”, but the new moon of June 28, 2022 will not only be an exacerbation of feelings. “We will be able to more easily access our intuitive senses and connect with our true inner feelings. Have one-on-one conversations with your loved ones or treat yourself to a healing downtime,” explains the Zodiac specialist.

You would have understood it, it is therefore the intimate that will be at the heart of this new moonand we will have to confront our emotions and those of those around us to start a lighter summer.

“It’s a complete revival of repressed feelings and private revelations. Cancer touches our inner world, which means that this lunation amplifies the areas of life that we tend to keep most private. Those most affected by its vibrations may be susceptible to emotional drain as they seek balance between themselves and their loved ones.astro-journalist Brittany Beringer for Bustle.

The go-getter energy of Cancer brings us ambition galore

“A sincere water sign, Cancer may have a reputation for being the whiner of the Zodiac, but it has much more to offer”, nevertheless nuances Maressa Brown for InStyle.

Because Cancers are also known for their go-getter and ambitious side. Often, they are even the instigators of large-scale projects. A visionary energy that will be infused into all the signs.

“Here, the sign of water will serve as a launching pad for us to pursue a dream linked to a feeling of security and inner happiness. In general, the New Moons of Cancer set the stage for self-reflective practices like meditation and journaling. Any type of routine that gives you a sense of comfort can also be a fantastic way to anchor yourself in a lasting direction,” recommends the star journalist.

A lunation increased tenfold by Jupiter and Neptune

But this new moon is all the more an emotional test as it will be stimulated by Jupiter. “Its place in the sky – currently in Aries – tends to make us very sensitive to energy changes, even the most subtle ones”, warns Nina Kahn. While Maressa Brown adds: “Jupiter will increase the intensity of everything you are currently feeling“.

“Jupiter also tends to nudge us into stepping up, even when we’re not quite ready. You might be tempted to act sooner or in a more invested way. Think twice,” advises the astro- journalistInStyle.

However, the influence of another planet will exacerbate the effects of this new moon a little more. “Neptune’s retrograde also kicks off on June 28 (until December 3, editor’s note), we will therefore feel a change in our spiritual sensitivities and perhaps begin to notice that our all-pink fantasies, imagined after the retrograde of Mercury, are fading”, explains Nina Kahn.

Planet of dreams and spirituality, when Neptune goes into reverse, it confronts us with a harsh truth, for better or for worse. “Neptune’s retrogrades are slow events that certainly won’t overwhelm you with Mercury’s. This year, it could make it easier to understand what’s really going on in a relationship, at your job, or with your health, so you can set an even more specific and powerful new moon intention.“, reassures Maressa Brown.

New moon of June 28, 2022: What effects on my astro sign?

At the Rams, this new moon will be synonymous with family. And the time will not necessarily be for hugs, but rather for confrontations. You will have to remain firm on your positions in order to justify your life choices once and for all. The time will then be for appeasement or separation.

Friends bulls, you will be great speakers at the end of June. You will benefit from the square with Jupiter and will be very connected to your intuition. People will come to you for advice, but don’t forget yourself in this tidal wave of solicitations.

For the Gemini, the time has come to get started. The stars even urge you to start a business alone, or with friends.

For a few weeks, you will be the most ambitious of the Zodiac, Cancer. The new moon moves into your home to inspire you to believe in your professional abilities. Now is the time to take stock of your dream career and make it a reality.

At the lions, the atmosphere will be adventurous. As the summer holidays approach, you feel an irrepressible desire to travel. What if it was time to change your life and settle abroad? In any case, the stars are on your side.

On the side of virgins, the focus will be on teamwork. You’re going to want to collaborate with people you don’t necessarily turn to in normal times. Beneficial exchanges await you.

It’s sorting time for the Scales. You realize that the people you align with need to be on the same page as you, in order to achieve great professional goals. It may be time to prioritize your strongest connections.

Natives of Scorpio, it’s time to take some time for yourself. In recent months you have lost your inner balance, which is essential to your fiery energy. Take the time to give yourself a few moments alone, to get together before the summer.

Loves will be at the center of the concerns of Sagittarians at the start of summer. You want to live a passionate story, so let yourself be carried away, you are on the right path to fulfillment.

For the Capricorns, it will be about security with this new moon. Question your links and their reliability. Family, friends, partner… It’s time to sift through everything to take only the essentials in summer.

If the lunation has a message for you, natives of Aquarius it’s about taking care of yourself. Your well-being must become a real concern, you seem to be having trouble keeping your head above water at the moment. Beware of burnout.

Finally, for the Pisces, it will be time to sit down and define your needs and ambitions for the months to come. You want to make decisions, listen to yourself, you are on the way to bliss.

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June 28, 2022 New Moon: A Forced Emotional Reset To Spend The Summer With Serenity

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