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The messengers from beyond (guides or deceased) would use the earthly world as a global support to deliver their messages. Their goal is to create a perfect alignment between their ability to send us a message, the means they will choose and our availability to receive them. Again, a sign is only for you to touch your heart.

Illustrations DR: ©Anne Suze, alias Nouchka


the sleep is an appointment with the invisible world: by putting your body at rest, you make yourself available to messages from the universe. In some civilizations, dreams were considered the forgotten language of God. In ancient China, they were the safest way to explore the spirit world. Dream trips already made it possible to relieve the body of the soul in order to obtain valuable information about its fate. The interpretation of dreams, called oniro-romance, is also a very popular ancestral art in Asia. In Egypt too, the power of dreams was popular for making decisions. The dream, this dreamlike production of the brain which puts in image recent scenes of the past, differs very clearly from the dream, which contains paranormal contributions deposited in our spirit by the invisible world. The dream only appears during the falling asleep phase (in a modified state of consciousness, “between two waters”) and during paradoxical sleep (at the end of the cycle, between 3 and 6 am). It would take considerable energy for the deceased to populate our dreams, which would explain their furtive appearances, often aloof, or silent. If you receive lyrics, write it down because they should contain valuable information. The missing person can appear in a rejuvenated carnal envelope. And for the most skeptical, it is not because you are not very intuitive that you will not receive prophetic messages. The dream is also different from the dream by the difficulty of waking up. You will come out of your night exhausted as your energy will have been solicited. The more you have a healthy life and quality sleep, the more numerous and clear the messages will be.


Anne Tuffigo deciphers the keys to make an incubation dream come true (to seek answers to your questions by summoning your guides or your missing persons). The first step: gather deeply in a quiet place by emptying your mind and putting down on paper everything that concerns your thoughts. You can associate evocative images or illustrations. Relax by breathing deeply and visualize your problem until you fall asleep. When you wake up, write down your dream faithfully, avoiding self-censorship and judgment. It generally takes on many symbols and images that are based on your individual repository. Do not try to interpret it on the fly and take a step back; several days, even several weeks, are necessary to grasp its scope.


The phrase ” déjà vu was brought to light by the philosopher and medium Émile Boirac in 1876. Surprisingly, it has never been translated and is used in French regardless of the country. Deja-vu takes different forms: the feeling of having already experienced an everyday scene with disconcerting precision, an encounter with a place or a stranger that you feel you know by heart. Recognizable among all, this feeling is always accompanied by a strong surge of adrenaline. This impression of temporal superimpositions has been identified in turn as a psychic disorder by Aristotle, an irrepressible desire to believe oneself immortal for Saint Augustine, and a repressed memory to hide one’s fantasies or traumas for psychoanalysts. Scientists became interested in it late (less than 30 years ago) and would attribute it to a breakdown of the limbic brain and autobiographical memory. If an immediate memory were to accidentally become lodged in the long memory, our brain, when checking the information that has just been deposited there, would in turn be mistaken, interpreting it as an old memory. Other paths are favored by mediums: we would have had a premonitory dream beforehand which would come to be part of our reality or it would be the reminiscence of a voluntary or non-voluntary astral journey which would have allowed us to leave our body. For Anne Tuffigo, this sensation offers indicators of the importance of the present moment: a life path that opens up or hypothetical memories of past lives.

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Illustrations DR: ©Anne Suze, alias Nouchka


Some figures have a particular significance. In addition to their astonishing recurrence, they often refer to a historical, genealogical or family base. True nods to everyday life, our lucky numbers miraculously appear on butcher’s tickets, the license plates of the cars you follow, the addresses of your best friends or the numbers of your administrative papers. According to Anne Tuffigo, “it’s a sign that the invisible world has stored it up for you and stored it away because you put meaning into it”. In addition, some observe that each time they consult the time, they come across mirror hours (9:09 a.m., 12:12 p.m.), reverse hours (12:21 p.m., 1:31 p.m.) or series of 3 or 4 digits (1:33 p.m., 10:22 p.m., 2:22 a.m.). It would be a little game of the invisible which reminds you to tell you that it hears your questions. In addition, for numerologists, each number would have its own color and a particular meaning. We would also live repetitive cycles of 9 years that would spice up our life path without being aware of it.


The visual appearances that we sometimes knew as children generally frighten us because we unconsciously liken them to ghosts (implicitly malignant). However, the objective of the disembodied who appear is rather to reassure us about their state or to transmit a message to us. During a mediumistic session, they always appear to Anne Tuffigo with distinctive signs to be easily recognizable. The disembodied would also use auditory signatures to indicate their presence: a song they particularly liked, a piece of music played at their funeral, or their first name shouted in the street by a stranger. An olfactory trace can also be a signature of the soul: a smell of cigarettes, perfume, soap or floral essence specific to the deceased when there is no one on the horizon and the windows are closed. . In these cases, the smell fills your nostrils and drowns you with emotions. Other mediums recount having felt the taste of a dish or a drink that the deceased particularly appreciated in their mouth as the reminiscence of a moment of intimacy. Finally, others perceive movements of air, brushing or caressing. These sensations would be just as inexplicable as they were perceptible.


Electricity circulates both in the nerve impulses of living beings and in a storm. For the afterlife, electric, static or aquatic fields would be excellent sources of energy to convey their messages. Thus, your lamps can turn on by themselves or, on the contrary, experience a drop in energy, the volume of a radio or television set can increase as if by magic, your telephone start ringing or Siri emit messages incongruous. Our great dependence on screens offers the invisible world formidable electromagnetic sources. When a demonstration occurs, ask yourself what it can mean: act of presence, support, advice or alert?


What differentiates humans from animals is their ability to tell stories and want to leave a mark. Art is the most striking testimony to this. The most common discipline for communicating between humans is writing and it would also be one of the preferred media for the deceased to send messages to those around them. automatic writing described by the surrealists is totally independent of us, the hand comes alive and forms letters and words without our being aware of it. Practicing automatic writing requires a strict framework to avoid attracting wandering souls. You make yourself a tool of communication (a living support) and you could be distraught when faced with an unchosen interlocutor. For an automatic writing session, it is better to isolate yourself in a room conducive to meditation and choose a time when you feel intellectually fit – more or less your time of birth. Always start your session by thanking the invisible world and telling it what you expect from it, then light a candle, put on some incense and some relaxing music. The objective is, as André́ Breton writes, to lose focus by becoming totally passive (without reflection and without judgment). Avoid looking for a logical meaning in it: you must be a neutral support and detached from his emotions in a half-intellectual, half-spiritual state. An automatic writing session should not exceed 15 min because the moment of letting go often comes after 5 min. Anne Tuffigo invites you to consider your productions as notes of humor and love. Much like meditation, the more you practice, the better the results will be.

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