I always have the same dream, is that normal?

A dark corridor, at the back a door. Little by little, we get closer, we stretch our hand towards the handle, we turn it… and there we wake up! Besides being frustrating, this dream keeps coming back. But why ?

Why do we have recurring dreams?

  • The recurring dream: a signal to take stock of our life

Dreaming of the same means that something in our life is bothering us. ” The recurring dreams insistently attract the dreamer’s attention” explains Didier Colin, author of Dream interpretation for dummies at First editions.

“There is probably something he has not seen, not understood in himself or in his life. Until he becomes aware of it, the same dream will come back obsessively”.

  • Recurrent dreams: bad sign or premonition?

According to the astrologer, “a dream is neither good nor bad.” So we leave aside this notion of good and evil. We rather try to understand what is wrong, to solve the problem and have a more peaceful sleep.

On the other hand, all dreams are premonitory. Didier Colin explains: “The etymological meaning of the word premonition is ‘prevent’. Our dreams always warn us, it is up to us to be attentive. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. In this, we can consider that any dream is therapeutic.

  • Can we control our recurring dreams?

By force of always have the same dream, we would like to succeed in controlling the unconscious. But Didier Colin strongly advises against it. “To understand his dreams, you must not try to exercise power or influence over his mind. »

“Anyway, it would be a waste of time. The unconscious can never be tamed. Dreams cannot be interpreted by resorting to reason or the logical mind. »

So we let ourselves be carried away by our unconscious, we immerse ourselves in our dreams and above all we relax. The simple act of letting go can lead to a cessation of recurring dreams.

What do the most common recurring dreams mean?

In the list of the most recurring dreams, we find of course the fall. For Didier Colin, “dreaming of falling into the void alludes to fall into the unknown, to the total loss of consciousness and self-control. It can occur when, in the waking state, we are a little too down to earth, err on the side of realism or materialism. »

This dream can also mean a “passage in the dark or coincide with a depressive phase of the dreamer”. But according to the astrologer, “sometimes it is very useful, even salutary, to fall into the void and hit bottom before resurfacing…”

For those who have experienced it, this dream is far from pleasant. Just as much as its meaning. “The dreamer is about to experience a drop in vitality or his immune system shows some failures”, explains Didier Colin.

Dreaming of losing your teeth can also allude to “the dreamer’s lack of bite, will, firmness or, conversely, his aggressive behavior which could well, sooner or later, make him lose all his means. »

On the contrary, if one dreams of losing only one tooth, the meaning is quite different. “It is a factor of liberation, of relief. »

A dream that we would like to do more often! “To fly is to be free. The dreamer aspires to feel freed from all kinds of constraints and duties,” explains the astrologer.

“But stealing can also reflect a total lack of realism. The dreamer only flies over things. »

  • Not arriving at destination

One of the most frustrating dreams ever. “If the dreamer never arrives where he thought he was going, it is probably because, in the waking state, he is on the wrong track, he take a wrong turnor that he doesn’t know where he is going, even if he is convinced of the contrary”, indicates Didier Colin.

  • Get naked in public

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting out of the pool and realizing that their bathing suit is missing? For Didier Colin, “clothing protects, hides, sometimes hinders our body. In any case, they do not show us as we are. »

“He who get naked in public in one of his dreams has to reflect on the fact that he is coming to a point in his life where he should have nothing more to hide. It’s time for him to show himself as he is, without cheating, without false modesty, without false shame. “But not to get naked either!

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I always have the same dream, is that normal?

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