Here are the ten most common dreams and their meanings

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Dreams are very personal, they would have the power to translate our desires and our fears. And if each of them is unique, some tend to repeat themselves and are more common than you might think. We list the ten most common dreams, and their meanings, according to a survey of 2,000 people in September 2021 by Amerisleepan American bedding brand.

10. Missing your plane, train or bus due to a delay (25.5%)

This dream reflects some form of stress and anxiety. It is possible that a future event that worries you is the cause. A too intense lifestyle can also be an explanation.

9. Going around in circles (25.8%)

Have you ever dreamed that you were walking but not heading in one direction? This could be due to a busy daily schedule.

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8. Getting lost (27.1%)

If there are several interpretations of this dream, the one that comes up the most reveals that there would be a disconnect between your current life and the one you would like to live. You would not exploit your potential enough and a change is necessary.

7. Losing teeth (27.3%)

This dream usually occurs during times of mourning or when some important change has happened in your life. However, this subliminal dream may also be your body’s way of reminding you to go to the dentist.

6. Death (29.5%)

Whether you dream that you yourself will die or that you witness the departure of a loved one, this dream, very disturbing, it is disputed, should not be interpreted literally. Indeed, in general it simply means that you are about to experience a renewal in your life. In case you dreamed of a loved one, it represents the fear you feel about losing that person.

5. Steal (32.6%)

If your flight is peaceful and reassuring, it represents that you have your life well under control. On the contrary, if the theft is precarious and dangerous it means a loss of control.

4. Failing an exam (34%)

This dream reflects a fear of not being prepared for all eventualities. A certain uncertainty in your life, in short.

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3. Go back to school (37.9%)

To dream that you are returning to your old school, whether in primary, secondary or higher education, indicates a need to return to basics. See places where some lessons learned in the past might be useful to you in the future.

2. Êvery followed (50.9%)

The dream of anguish we can say, where we wake up more tired than when we fell asleep. It means that you are ignoring certain stressful situations in your life. Now is the time to take on some of your responsibilities…

1. Fall (53.5%)

It is the most common dream. Falling reflects feelings of inferiority or insecurity in your life. A big project awaits you, an exam you are afraid to pass? The explanations can be many.

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Here are the ten most common dreams and their meanings

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