Here are the 7 reasons why you can’t stop dreaming about your ex

Dreaming about your ex unbalances your sanity (let’s say it’s like getting a kick in the stomach you didn’t see coming). It’s not fun (especially if things ended badly) and it almost always causes you to question your decisions and wonder what it means, or if it counts as cheating (it’s not the case). And while it’s something that’s out of your control, that you can’t help it, and it’s not exactly your fault, besides always being weird and taking you by surprise, it can tell you some things that you yourself refuse to acknowledge or accept…sort of.

Dreams have meaning and there’s nothing mystical about it (and they’re not predictions about the future, so don’t go betting on the numbers that came to mind while you were sleeping). They almost always relate to things that you care about, would like to achieve, or are on your mind, and the same goes for when you keep daydreaming about your ex.

Imagine the following situation: you broke up with your girlfriend a few months or a few years ago, you have moved on in your life and you even start dating someone else. Everything is fine and you have stopped suffering because of what you have lost. So you go to bed thinking that tomorrow will be a great day. But the moment you close your eyes, all you see is the image of your ex and you suddenly wake up very confused.

What does this mean, why did this person come back into your mind, is this a sign that they were the one and you are now going to die alone?

The truth is that the meaning of dreams is very personal. There is no collective form and the details depend on each person and their experiences. But, according to experts, some types of dreams have an explanation that applies to everyone, such as dreams about a former partner who is no longer in your life.

If you search the internet, you’ll find a million possible explanations for why you keep dreaming about your ex (Dream Moods, a dream analysis site, also offers a few possibilities). But there are some that come back often, that are more logical than others and that will reassure you.

These are the ones that all the experts – between psychologists, apps and reviews – mention the most. And while that means you’re missing something in this relationship, it doesn’t mean you have to drop everything to get back together with someone who hurt you or who you know isn’t right for you.

You are with someone who reminds you of them

Sometimes it has nothing to do with your ex. This type of dream can be triggered when you meet people with similar personality, attitude or mannerisms as your ex and it just makes you think about it.

You miss the feeling of being in love

Getting back together with your ex in a dream does not mean that you have to. According to some experts, it simply means that you miss the feeling of being in a relationship or that you are going through a major change that reminds you of something you experienced in your previous relationship.

You are not sure if you are ready to start a new relationship

According to experts, if you dream about your ex in a sexual context, it can mean that you are hesitant to start a new relationship or situation.

It’s time to move on with your life

To dream that your ex is ignoring you signifies that it is time to close the cycle and look for something new, it is your mind reminding you that this person is not good for you and that you do not need let her come back into your life.

Your relationship becomes routine

According to author and dream analyst Lauri Quinn, dreaming of your ex can mean that your relationship is becoming routine and somewhat boring, but also that you have been alone for a long time and clearly need someone in your life (or to make love).

You have unresolved feelings

It doesn’t mean you’re still in love, just that there’s something from a previous relationship that you can’t forget, that bothers you, or that you miss.

You have outgrown the relationship

Experts say that if the dream is about an ex you broke up with a long time ago, even if it is a sex dream, it is a sign that you no longer feel guilty, bad or something else. , about what happened and that the past relationship no longer controls your life.

Of course, this is just the opinion of a few internet “experts” (and psychics). In the end, it may mean something completely different, but if the majority is saying the same thing, maybe you should pay attention and think about what you really want and need in your life. Maybe then you can start having more pleasant dreams, like flying or something.

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Here are the 7 reasons why you can’t stop dreaming about your ex

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