Full Moon September 2022: Here’s Its Meaning And Incredible Effects On Your Life

In astrology, celestial events are numerous, but few of them are as important to us as those related to the natural satellite of the earth: the Moon. This celestial body is directly related to us and it is normal that its phases and changes have a strong impact on our lives!

Astro: when will the Full Moon of September 2022 take place?

The last Full Moon before the arrival of the autumnal equinox will take place on the morning of Saturday, September 10, 2022. It will occur in the constellation of Pisces, at the 17th degree to be more exact. This Moon is traditionally called “The Harvest Moon”, because it refers to the end of summer and the harvesting of the fruits that the earth has patiently given.

Full Moon in Pisces 2022: what does it mean?

The sign in which this Full Moon will take place is one of the most emotional and creative of the zodiac. The finesse of mind symbolized by the sign of Pisces is rare. When the Moon is in this sign, we tend to be very sensitive, on edge.

Saturday’s lunation occurs on the astrological axis of body and soul. This Moon could be a great opportunity for inner and outer healing. The Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun and the Moon and it requires us to work on balance.

In this case, the Sun will be in the Virgo sign, which represents health and the earthly envelope that allows our existence, but also work and humility. The Moon in Pisces reminds us that inside this material body there is a soul that we must also take care of.

It’s a great time to try to connect the body to the soul and to give yourself a break to understand your emotions and desires and how they influence our health. It is worth remembering that this Full Moon occurs with the two planetary rulers of the signs concerned in full retrograde: Virgo (Mercury) and Pisces (Neptune). This reinforces the need for introspection and reflection in a calm and peaceful environment in order to meditate on what these signs symbolize in our life.

What effects could the Full Moon in Pisces have on your life?

The sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and this planet is a magician with a great ability to inspire dreams and chimeras. Its power is an incredible engine of creativity, but it can also lead us into an illusory dream that leads to confusion and inaction.

Therefore, during this Full Moon, we may tend to be unwilling to face reality as it is. The important thing is to give a chance to our dreams and our illusions, but to bring them to a realistic and concrete level, so that they are not unrealizable utopias.

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How to fully live this lunation?

The watchword for making the most of the energy of this lunar phase is to connect with yourself in a moment of peace and solitude. Allow yourself to dive deep into your soul to tune into what brings you peace and thus exorcise the mandates and complexes that prevent you from finding your Authentic Self. Only by knowing ourselves in depth and knowing what balances us will we be truly happy.

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Full Moon September 2022: Here’s Its Meaning And Incredible Effects On Your Life

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