Florent Pagny victim of cancer: after the death of Daniel Lévi, the singer is still fighting against the disease!

It is a drama that shook the world of music. 60-year-old Daniel Levi died of the disease. Terrible news for his friends like Patrick Bruel, Pascal Obispo or even Florent Pagny. He is also battling cancer.

Daniel Lévi succumbed to the disease

In April 2019, Daniel Lévi announced to his fans that he had cancer. While he was starting to feel better and better and that he planned to resume his tour in 2022, fate decided otherwise.

Last April, Daniel Lévi suffered a emergency operation. Last July, the singer also gave reassuring news about his state of health. He took the opportunity to announce the birth of his little girl. A real pleasure for him.

Like Florent Pagny, Daniel Lévi used his social networks to give his news. He confided: “I wanted to give you some little news… reassuring. And even beyond that”.

Before adding: “I wanted to thank you for your support. Your encouragement. It’s true that the last few weeks have been a bit complicated for me. But I am being treated.

Daniel Lévi also explained: “And I am even happy to announce to you that I am the father of a little girl since this morning. Lovely. His mother is doing well. The baby is doing well (…)”.

But unfortunately, Daniel Lévi did not manage to fight the disease. He is died on Saturday July 6. A terrible drama that turned the world of music upside down. But also several singers like Florent Pagny.

Florent Pagny fights against cancer

Like Daniel Lévi, Florent Pagny has been fighting cancer for a while. It was at the beginning of the year that he announced the bad news on his social networks. He had explained to his fans that he had to cancel his tour.

Florent Pagny had revealed that a lung cancer had affected him. A few months later, he still confided to Gala: “From a tumor the size of a good kiwi, I went to a hazelnut after two chemos”.

He also explained: “Now I’m coming out of the tunnel. I have a few answers that allow me to better assess the situation. And it revives in me certain things that I lost a little, arrived at my age (…)”.

Florent Pagny then confessed: This cancer woke me up somehow. And he redefined the meaning of my priorities”. If the artist is still fighting against the disease, he was very saddened to learn of the death of Daniel Levi.

For the moment, he did not wish to speak publicly about the death of the singer, adored by all. For his part, Patrick Bruel has decided to remember a memory with his two friends: Florent Pagny and Daniel Lévi.

Patrick Bruel devastated by the death of Daniel Lévi

This Sunday, August 7, Patrick Bruel made a poignant tribute to Daniel Lévi. On his Instagram account, he shared a sublime photo of the singer. But that’s not all. He also sent her a lovely message.

Patrick Bruel also revealed: Daniel Levi goes away… We also started together. Him in “Pastel”. Florent Pagny and I at “20 aux Halles”… And we met to share around the piano. The hope of our 20 years. And our music dreams…” .

Before continuing: “How many nights, songs, smiles. And then this voice that came from so far away… Goodbye Daniel… My most affectionate thoughts to his wife Sandrine and his children”.

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Florent Pagny victim of cancer: after the death of Daniel Lévi, the singer is still fighting against the disease!

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