“Feel the living worms in my body”: this animator disgusted after his participation in Fort Boyard!

Every summer, viewers have the pleasure of rediscovering their favorite show of the season, Fort Boyard! Indeed, the entertainment program in question has been around since the 90’s. And has remained very popular ever since. Each year, the production tries to renew the tests, the rooms and the personalities. All this, in order to spice up the famous game. Participants find themselves in all sorts of circumstances. There are tough physical and intellectual tests, but also taste-wise! Indeed, Alex Goude remembers it well. The host did a bad reaction after his participation in Fort Boyard! We tell you everything!

Fort Boyard: he eats live worms and falls ill

Fort Boyard does not give respite to its participants. Indeed, the chef in Fort Boyard, located in La Rochelle, has a very special cooking technique… This is Willy Rovelli, who enjoys receiving guests to offer them taste dishes all stranger than each other. However, to raise funds for their associations, the stars concerned do not hesitate to play the game…

Before devoting himself to the official kitchen of Fort Boyard, he exercised the acting profession. One thing seems certain, he gave up none of his humor from behind the stove. Celebrities who come to see him in his restaurant still remember him. Such is the case of Alex Goude…

The host had digestive problems

Alex Goudé is one of the last candidates to have tasted the disgusting dishes of Willy Rovelli. During an interview with Télépro, the host remembers certain moments in Fort Boyard. “One year, he made me drink fermented milk with live worms in it”. He even added: “For a week, I was sick”.

Its passage in the kitchens of Fort Boyard was a real blow for Alex Goude. After this adventure, he experienced the disturbing sensation of “to feel the living worms in (his) body. It was quite impressive! “. Nothing more disgusting! As TV viewers, you couldn’t feel luckier than in those moments, eating a good meal in front of the TV.

The cook of Fort Boyard, like no other

Willy Rovelli has been part of the Fort Boyard team for ten years now. He happy in this post, but never, he would have thought that he would stay there so long. However, it seems that he is not one of the only ones to have kept his place as long as.

Indeed, Olivier Minne occupies the iconic post show presenter since July 2003. And he never tires of commuting to work in such an iconic and historic location. In any case, Willy Rovelli does not put aside his other projects. “The radio is vital for me. She allowed me to reassure myself. My voice gave me a lot of problems and I reconciled with it thanks to this medium. For three years, on France Bleu, I have hosted the program of my dreams: We are not immune to making a good show. I resume in the fall. »

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“Feel the living worms in my body”: this animator disgusted after his participation in Fort Boyard!

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