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From the first episode, Fakes reminded me How to Sell Drugs Online, the German Netflix series about the true story of this teenager who ran the biggest drug business … online in the country. The starting point of Fakes is Zoe who decides to make herself a fake college ID card. Except that it is not to buy alcohol that she made this famous sesame but to access university documents in order to become the best student in her high school and obtain a prestigious scholarship. The starting point of Fakes is surprising, but it’s precisely this little twist on Zoe’s reasons that makes it fresh at the same time. In ten episodes, Fakes does not lose the thread either and manages to offer endearing moments while remaining in the register of comedy with style. Each episode is told from the perspective of one of the two young girls, thus giving a different and more sustained rhythm to the series.

Two teenagers accidentally create one of the largest fake ID empires in North America.

It also creates a real interesting contrast and each scene then has a different meaning from one episode to another. All this remains important because another mystery hangs around Becca and Zoe: the two best friends hate each other and we must then imagine what happened so that they end up in the dock. David Turko (Warrior Nun) then created a fairly classic universe for the genre but with successful and effective characters. Zoe needs to make sure her future is secure in order to get the scholarship she wants to go to the college of her dreams. Becca has a slightly different fate and a world away from Zoe. This quickly creates a contrast between the two young women and offers us a whole host of surprises over the episodes.

When Becca discovers Zoe’s fake card, she pays her $400 to give her a fake driver’s license. The business was born. One of the great strengths of Fakes is its cast. Jennifer Tong and Emilija Baranac are surprisingly perfect in their respective roles. My favorite is Jennifer Tong who plays Becca. She shines in every episode. The fact that Turko, the creator, brings a lot of nuances to the characters, with teenage and social problems, necessarily gives depth to the whole. While Premium Onboard Fakes might sound like many Netflix series, that’s not the case at all. I find it unfortunate that Fakes does not dare enough (but given that it is produced by the Canadian channel CBC, I understand a little better why). She could have talked a little more about the dangers they will encounter.

It therefore lacks a bit of suspense at times even if as a whole the lightness of Fakes is pleasant to follow and offers us good moments throughout the season. The stakes still manage to show their fangs with Tryst (Richard Harmon – seen in The 100 -). It brings an additional and external tension which also allows Fakes to show that it is not without ambition. The end of the season leaves a lot of things in suspense for a potential season 2 and in its entirety Fakes is definitely worth a look.

Rating: 7/10. In short, a pleasant surprise with an interesting narration, endearing characters and a wacky story.

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Fakes (Season 1, 10 episodes): small business between friends – Series and film reviews, news – Breaking News, it’s overflowing with gossip

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