[Exposition]11th Small Format Fair at La Mosaïque, From December 1 to 22, Galerie la Mosaïque / Saint-Jean

🌺🥳 Olivier Giner & the Mosaic team are happy to invite you to the 11th Salon du Petit Format! 🥳🌺

On the program, 28 artists, 18 painters, 3 photographers and 7 sculptors.

From 01 to 22 December. Opening on 02 from 6.30 p.m.

Reminder of Small Format editions; Single price of 90€, the formats are 20×20 (no more than 20cm for the sculptures).

A raffle is also set up to be able to win several works ;)!

Gallery hours;

From Tue to Fri from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Sat ; 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.

See you soon at the Mosaic 😁🙏!

The artists present;


Very influenced by the Chinese painter Zao Wou-Ki, I wondered about the power of colors, to organize them, to stage them, to highlight them. The colors appeal to me. My style was built with them, by them.


The black borders that surround each paper represent paths, roads like the veins and arteries of the human body, but also animals and the veins, veins and veinlets of plants and trees. Color changes represent changes of places, cities…


Corinne Berthéas’ work always starts with a (often personal) story to tell. Then comes the choice of materials and colors. Textile, yarn, lace, trimmings…. But also vegetable dye, acrylic, pastel, charcoal.



I have been practicing photography for almost 60 years. It was my job my life and my passion. By always trying to respect the specifications given by my clients, I tried to leave a part of myself there. Working for fashion and advertising, the woman was for me a subject often discussed.


I have always loved painting, and I have experimented with all the so-called “traditional” techniques such as watercolour, oil and acrylic. In 2014, I learned that I had ALS (Charcot’s disease). I am then equipped with an eye control which allows me to paint again while I am totally paralyzed. So my eyes have become my new brushes.



Its creation is intended, from the outset, to be deeply humanistic. In this series of small busts, the woman, the man, the child thus show themselves without concession but above all not without humor and even less without love: far from the canons of beauty, from the perfect and millimetric work sublimating the beautiful.



I am an art ceramist who graduated from the Vallauris School of Ceramic Fine Arts in 2010. My pieces are a constant search for balance between fragility, represented by faults, cracks, and graphic aesthetics. I anchor my work on the themes of birth and femininity.


Christine Drouillard was born and lives in the South West of France. Her interest in photographic art dates back to 1993, when she was in her twenties. It then already applies to the framing and the perception of lights.



“Amateur painter, I appreciate very diverse graphic styles (classical, abstract, calligraphy, comics…) but my production is strictly figurative. I practiced technical drawing in the exercise of my profession, as well as art drawing, watercolor, Chinese painting for my leisure, then acrylic since I retired. »


Ancestral techniques from Italy. Fine coatings composed of lime, marble powder and natural pigments (natural earth, charcoal) & Gold, on wooden support.



A talented artist. A caregiver, he spends his free time creating works from noble materials, inspired by his father who was a carpenter. Bathed in the works of Ginger, Dali and a whole fantasy and mythological universe, he imagines original sculptures: half-human, half-animal beings.


Florence de la Clergerie was born in 1948 in Algiers. At the age of high school, she discovered a passion for drawing. Passion to which she decides to devote her free time once retired. She enrolled in a workshop, supervised by excellent teachers (Lorène Perez and Yannick Fournié), she also studied 3 years at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse.


The different pieces presented come from working with clay. This material offers a diversity of possibilities that resonates to evoke humanity and its place in a whole that goes beyond it. The creations exhibited here are made using the technique of raku, naked raku and terracotta.



Alain Guichard follows his own trajectory, between figuration and abstraction. “Today, (when I start a painting), I start from abstraction and I go towards the figurative”.


What is my artistic approach? I am passionate about color, transparency, the line in all its states, contrasts, the search for a perfect balance (and therefore unattainable!). I work on watercolor paper, without preparation, intuitively. I combine abstraction and figuration to create dreamlike universes that highlight my main source of inspiration: the Beauty of Nature.



Painter near Montauban. A five-year training at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. I create a work that is more figurative than abstract.

I work on all techniques and have been leading the Arts and Culture workshop in Castelmaurou for over twenty years. I am currently exhibiting at the Salon des Méridionals.


Devoted herself to artistic creation after raising 5 children and practicing the restoration of paintings. Trained with established artists then took classes at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. Practice different techniques in successive series (including watercolour).


I have been a self-taught notebook maker for 13 years, I started hiking during the great crossing of the Alps and since then I have not stopped. I crunch old stones, mountains, I have a predilection for anything that tells a story. I was able to make some long trips and transcribe them in my notebooks, but I have the same pleasure for short stays in mainland France.


To the marine universe are added to his favorite themes the scenes of rural life, backyards or even buildings marked by time. A fan of oil painting, acrylic also allows him to treat subjects with the same precision where animation and authenticity combine.



Passionate about clay modeling and the “raku” technique, a 16th century Japanese technique characterized by cracks on the enamel and including in its meaning the notions of joy, pleasure and spontaneity, I try to convey through my creations these very notions.


Nadia M:

My eclectic, even unclassifiable journey is the fruit of various encounters; Masters, painters, cultural trips around the world. My interest in Abstract Art very quickly took precedence over Figurative Art; this contemporary conception, invites me to a freedom of expression that resembles me.



The basis of my inspiration remains the human being: refined or figurative forms, I play on the postures so that they release the interior state of my characters in the evoked situation. Complicit relationship, sharing, state of mind… everyone can appropriate the emotion or the feeling that emerges from it.



The rust that the vagaries of time have shaped offers me landscapes in which I immerse the human world, its ties, its dreams. The contrasts between the cold of the metal, the roughness of the rust, the warmth of the color offer me an endless palette of animation.



After a few years in pastel, initiated by my pastel mother, I turned to oil painting with a knife. I take lessons with a painter from Toulouse, Christian BESSEDE. If I remain faithful to this technique, my subjects, initially very realistic, tend more and more towards the abstract.



I am a pluralist painter in terms of subject and genre, this allows me to express my understanding of the world in complete creative freedom. I come from the School of Fine Arts in Versailles, I live and work in Toulouse. The paintings are most often painted in oil on canvas or acrylic on cardboard or paper.



Lives and works in La Roche sur Yon (Vendée). Today, she devotes herself fully and solely to painting, working to bring out the energy present in the sensitive through the language of colors and abstract shapes.



The sculptures, made mainly of steel and exhibited since 2017, express the dual relationship between an environment, the human represented by forms suggesting the human silhouette, reduced to 1/50th scale, and an environment, of a material or immaterial nature. , formalized by colorful assemblies of lines, circles and squares (AL2C) in reference to abstract art (notably the “Circle & Square” movement).


My work is based on exchanges between different modes of representation that I confront. This can be for example an abstract image and a more figurative one. Starting from one I find the other or vice versa. The face imprint is at the heart of my practice.


Zou Mae is a painter from the Toulouse region. It is through the freedom of abstraction and the different techniques used (acrylic, pastel ink, collage) that she reveals, in each of her works, a story, her story, your story. The series presented, of great sweetness, is called “Poetry”.


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[Exposition]11th Small Format Fair at La Mosaïque, From December 1 to 22, Galerie la Mosaïque / Saint-Jean

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