Expo: the works of Abdeslam El Fakir and Mouna Dakkak invite themselves to Marrakech

From May 14 to June 4, 2022, the picture rails of the Royal Theater of Marrakech house the recent works of painters Abdeslam El Fakir and Mouna Dakkak around the theme “Passage”. The opening of this duo exhibition will take place on May 14, 2022 from 6 p.m. in the presence of the two artists.

“Passage” is the theme chosen by the painters Abdeslam El Fakir and Mouna Dakkak for their first exhibition together at the Royal Theater of the ocher city. This exhibition, which starts on May 14, 2022 at 6 p.m., is an opportunity for the Marrakchi public to see and appreciate the recent works of these two inspired visual artists. First Abdeslam El Fakir, researcher in sociology and professor of philosophy invites art enthusiasts to indescribable universes where contemplation and meditation mix, a non-figurative atmosphere where things and feelings are more suggested than shown. In his latest collection, he gives us a varied palette of styles and colorful pictorial compositions at the heart of abstraction. Through his meticulous and lively pictorial gestures, our artist develops a work with a very strong emotional charge. With him, the outer shape perfectly matches the inner pattern. Each of his works is an exploration of creative impulses with different aesthetic challenges. In short, they allow you to give free rein to your emotions on the easel, to move away from reality to open all the possible fields of creation mixing matter on an energetic background. His paintings represent both the direct expression of a subject including marginality, as well as the sensation felt by the eye of the viewer, more abstract. Through his research in sociology, Abdeslam approaches the question of marginality as a form of resistance to the conventional spirit of society, but his say. Just as in writing, the letters of the alphabet constitute a tool of communication with the intellect, in the abstract compositions of this artist-painter, it is shapes and colors.

This composition has the power to speak to the soul of whoever looks at it in silence and without the unnecessary intervention of the artist. It carries within it its authentic meaning; it is enough for the one who looks at it to understand this truth. This is what we can possibly consider as a “pictorial alphabet” functioning in the same way as musical notes. Neutral, telluric, subtle or bright colors, it doesn’t matter, the ultimate goal of our visual artist is to create harmonious and dynamic spaces where there is always a silence that speaks. And if diversity is the essence of human nature, Abdeslam El Fakir juggles with the different techniques made available to him: ashes, soil, hay, cardboard, used clothes… materials that bring back memories of his childhood in the countryside. The viewer of his paintings discovers the most diverse motifs like symbolic governors. As for the artist-painter Mouna Dakkak, an architect by training, invites us to discover his recent abstract-figurative works which appear interconnected and which complement each other. In this original pictorial approach, she attaches great importance to the rhythmic balance of colors which manifests her dynamism of execution on canvas. This pictorial tension is expressed by the interpenetration of forms and colors posed. Mouna thus simplifies the abstract forms of her canvases until she obtains colors like vaporous and luminous vibrations in various materials, notably acrylic felt-tip pens, acrylic on canvas or even knife. She jostles, abuses and overturns the common sense of things to arrive at their deep meaning. This explains Mouna Dakkak’s firm will never to stick to superficial explanations and rather to go beyond conventional views towards inner realities. Hence the consistency of his work which communicates with all of humanity. It relies on its own fertile ground of themes and subjects and appeals to the imagination, its precious tool, granting it the leading role and allowing it to frolic in complete freedom and fantasy. She also trusts this rich substratum of varied materials which smolder within her in the depths of her psyche and which is made up of memories, significant experiences, dreams, ideals, a whole personal symbolism. The space of the painting then becomes a tremor, a memory, a detail, a chromatic whirlwind, a mysterious truth, a spiritual crack…

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Expo: the works of Abdeslam El Fakir and Mouna Dakkak invite themselves to Marrakech

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