Erotic dreams: what do they really mean?

The baker downstairs, your mother-in-law, your colleague, even your boss. You have just woken up and realize that you have had a hot night with one of them…in your dreams! As a couple, you feel guilty, single, you are simply embarrassed, and can’t wait to meet him or her.

Know that everyone is likely to have erotic dreams. Some of us are even capable of having sleep orgasms. But what do they mean?

Hilda Burke, psychotherapist and marriage counselor, deciphers these sensual and sexual dreams. For her, erotic dreams would be more related to a means of discovering and experiencing other emotions than to a real sexual desire. “If you are interested in the symbolism of the dream, you find that it is a way of showing a bond that unites you with this person”, she explains. The whole thing is to define this link.

Erotic dreams, a way to reveal a hidden message

  • Sleep with your boss

You did rascality and more with your boss in your dreams last night? Don’t panic, it’s common. And it’s even rather encouraging from a professional point of view.

“Perhaps in real life you are thinking about taking a leap at work, and this dream could be a way of telling you that you are ready to work your way up”, explains Hilda Burke. To her, your boss as a one-night stand (imaginary, of course) may well symbolize that you’re ready for something new.

Dreaming about your boss could be a way of telling you that you are ready to move up the ladder.

Of course, the dream can also mean that you have envy your boss. If you bite your lip every time he walks by, and drool over him at every meeting, maybe it’s time to face the facts! But if you wake up feeling like you’re not, figure out what your boss means to you. Is he at the peak of his career? Maybe a part of you longs for that.

  • A game of legs in the air with a person from his past

“If you’ve worked hard, your dream may just be a compilation of your day, Hilda explains, it’s a bit like your mind isn’t turned off and it just goes on with the day.” other dreams – like having sex with someone from school you haven’t seen in years – can be more symbolic. In any case if you had never imagined sleeping with this person in real life.

“Ask yourself, ‘What does this person represent? How was he in school? Was he the popular or the geek?'” suggests the marriage counselor. She explains: “Maybe there is a part of you that feels really geeky, and this person could symbolize that part of you, show a side of you that you do not yet assume”.

  • Sleep with a celebrity

This is surely Hilda Burke’s favorite dream to decipher: sleeping with a celebrity. This is the most symbolic of all.

These personalities, “we don’t know them, what we think of them is linked to a value, a quality that we projected onto them,” she says. “They are nice, not nice, cold, or even ambitious, explains the psychotherapist, we imagine them in a certain way, whether it is actually true or false”. If you tend to dream of a star regularly, perhaps you are interested in what attracts you so much to her.

Facing dreams with people who don’t appeal to us

  • Sleep with someone of a gender you are not usually attracted to

If you identify as heterosexualand you dream of a person of another sex than yours, again, according to Hilda Burke, you have to look at what this person symbolizes for you.

“If it’s someone of the same sex, say your boss, ask yourself if you’re slightly attracted to her. If not, it may be because you see a great independence, that her success attracts you: it’s as if you want something that she has. These dreams usually mean that they have something that you want for yourself”, describes Hilda Burke.

  • Sleep with a purely platonic friend

“We instinctively know if we are attracted to someone,” says Hilda Burke. However, yesterday, you dreamed of your super friend while you always said to yourself: “Oh my God, no, I will never sleep with him”. You still prefer to dream that you are late every night, even if it is annoying!

The marriage counselor suggests asking yourself about these friends: Who are they? What are their qualities? What did they accomplish that I could secretly want?

“Sometimes with these kinds of dreams you tend to think that you don’t want to think about them anymore, but it can be interesting to dig into what they represent, especially if you never fantasize about them in life. real,” she says.

Sleeping in your dreams, is it cheating?

  • Sleep with another while we are in a relationship

Cheating in a dream does not necessarily mean that you are unhappy and want to have sex with people other than your partner.

It’s important to remember that at most it’s virtual infidelity: it all happens only in your sleep. However, “it’s important to be interested in who you realize this infidelity with,” notes Hilda.

Cheating in a dream does not necessarily mean that you are unhappy

“Is this someone you bump into at the gym? If it’s someone you usually like when you’re awake, then don’t worry too much – it’s thefulfillment of a wishperiod”, believes Hilda Burke. Hi the muscular and sweaty coach! what this person represents”, insists the expert.

Understanding what you associate with this person will shed some light on why you dreamed about them.

Still not sure everything is normal? Here is a series of anonymous testimonials, taken from the site, to show you that you are not alone.

“Anyone can find themselves in my erotic dreams. It’s really ridiculous. I have them all the time, and from just about everyone, for better or for worse. They are sometimes very sexy , but also sometimes absolutely ridiculous.”

“I have them all the time, probably once a week, sometimes more. Most of the time I dream about my boyfriend, especially the nights I sleep at his house; sometimes they’re so strong I could swear they were real so I’m not going to complain! More rarely, I dream of celebrities for whom I have a little crush (that’s a little bonus) or sometimes I just dream that I touch myself.”

99.9% of the time it happens in the week before ovulation

“It’s not very common for me, but it happens. “99.9% of the time it happens in the week before ovulation.”

“I probably have them once in a while, probably once a month, usually when I haven’t had an orgasm in a while. They’re with my partner about 90% of the time, but otherwise it’s It’s usually with people I don’t know. Even women sometimes, and I’m heterosexual!”

“I have erotic dreams quite often. I had one last night where a friend of mine and I met a very sexy woman wearing a futuristic outfit with a built-in bra and panties, and we went crazy of her, licking and sucking her whole body I dream of different people in my life – I don’t limit myself to my only sexual partner current. And I’m more likely to dream of sleeping with women than with men.”


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Erotic dreams: what do they really mean?

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