Erotic dream: what meaning?

Like all other dreams, they send us a wealth of important information. “Erotic dreams are oftenrelated to sexual concerns experienced on a daily basis and allow, most of the time, to fill a gap”, explains Gilles d’Ambra, psychosociologist and author of Dream Decoder. “It is also for this reason that the frustration or theexcitement are often the triggers of dreams of a sexual nature”.

In principle, when we maintain a current and satisfying sexual activity, we do not have erotic dreams. “What we normally experience on the erotic level does not need to reverberate in our dreams”, notes the psychotherapist Georges Romey, psychotherapist. “If there is eroticism in night dreams, it systematically compensates for a lack“.

Is it normal to have erotic dreams or dream of sex?

Each of us can be exposed to erotic dreams since everyone dreams and can, one day or another, to be in a state of sexual dissatisfaction. Moreover, as Gilles d’Ambra points out, “8% of our dreams are erotic! They act like a kind of valve: they regulate our desires, release fears and relieve us of stress. They are necessary for our sexual, emotional and psychological balance.

At what age do the first erotic dreams appear? “Before puberty, they are uncommon because the biological system is not yet in place”, comments Georges Romey. The first erotic dreams occur between 12 and 14 years old, depending on the individual. Puberty is conducive to the most mischievous dreams because it is closely related to the first emotions of love… It is then a question of learning about sexuality which is perpetuated throughout adulthood”.

At the height of age, between 30 and 50 years old, daydreams “naughty” are stronger and are an integral part of your privacy. Then, after 80 years, when the body is no longer in a state to react, there is less chance that erotic dreams will occur. However, the mind remembers and they are not entirely impossible…

Having sex dreams… can lead to orgasm!

Erotic dreams are beneficial to our physiological functioning: they cause blood flow to the lower body and thus show that our libido is in good working order.

“During their dreams, men can get erect. It is a natural reflex phenomenon which is not necessarily linked to the erotic nature of the dream”. says Gilles d’Ambra. “VSIn women, the vagina becomes lubricated. It is not a mental excitement, but a physical one. The body needs to train to be sure to function during sex.” Almost everyone experiences, at one time or another, an erotic dream that can lead them toOrgasm.

Orgasm is a physiological response that occurs at the height of sexual arousal. It usually translates to intense pleasure and enjoyment. After the orgasm comes the phase of relaxation, of appeasement.

Erotic dreams: what meaning and what interpretation?

In the field of sexuality, there are quite common types of dreams. “When the dream shows penetration, it symbolizes a lack, a sexual frustration”, explains Georges Romey, psychotherapist.

“The dreamer is not fully fulfilled, and his subconscious reminds him of this! This is a purely compensatory phenomenon. It also happens that erotic dreams only show rather wise exchanges between the partners: embraces, a meeting or kisses: these dreams symbolize the inner and outer well-being of the dreamer”.

Some dreams do not seem to have any connection with sexuality. However, it is often present. An analytical effort is necessary to decipher the coded messages sent by the subconscious. Sexual frustration and the need for eroticism can sometimes show through in a very indirect way through rather strange symbols or incongruous situations.

What your erotic dreams say about you: the symbols

“The Nature of Erotic Dreams depends on each. To decipher this type of dream, it is therefore essential to be informed of the personal experience of the dreamer. underlines the sexologist Jean-Pierre Thiollet. But it is also important to know the most common visions that correspond to general symbolism.

Examples of erotic dreams that come back a lot

In his book Erotic dreams unveiledSandrine Colas explains that music, dance, sport or any other activity involving rhythm very often symbolizes sexual intercourse.

  • Fire reveals passion and desire;
  • Vessels, Chests, Doors, Chambers and Caves, almost always represent the vagina. Objects like canes, umbrellas, pencils, reptiles… symbolize the male sex;
  • The sensations of slipping or falling more or less abrupt normally correspond to masturbation. The erection of the male sex is often represented by dreams of lightness, of flight in the air;
  • Visions of woods or forests signal that the dreamer has sexual disorders. He may feel guilty for having sexual desires; he tries to hide them behind thick foliage or he experiences anxiety about sex;
  • The water is the symbol of passion;
  • empty spaces symbolize certain lacks in private life;
  • The birds are a desire for a carnal relationship that is tender and free from all constraint;
  • The snakes can translate fear or disgust, but also a feeling of very sensual pleasure.

How to stop having erotic dreams? When to consult?

Erotic dreams are natural and essential to our psychic development. “However, if certain sexual dreams seem disturbing to you or if they are repeated too frequently, it is better to consult a specialist or a therapist”advises sexologist Jean-Pierre Thiollet.

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Erotic dream: what meaning?

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