Dreaming of your ex: what interpretation?

Ex-boyfriends and girlfriends who show up in dreams can be unsettling. Especially if we have the misfortune to dreaming about an ex ignoring us... But what does that really mean? We take stock with a specialist.

Dreaming about your ex: defining what your relationship was

Before asking the question ofinterpretation of the dream with his exit is necessary to determine what was the type of relationship and break-up that you experienced with him.

If it was a complicated, painful love relationship, during which the person felt disrespected and mistreated, the figure of the ex acts as an alert, according to Mireille Rosselet-Captpsychologist, Jungian analyst and author of dreams and intuition and The power of symbol Editions Jouvence. His appearance puts us on guard against a person or a situation that we do not want to relive”, analyzes the psychologist.

In case your relationship ended well, the ex occupies a rather benevolent figure. Clearly, the interpretation of the dream depends mainly on the nature of your relationship with this ex, its qualities and defects.

Dream often of your ex or punctually?

Depending on whether they manifest themselves recurrently or punctually, the interpretation of dreams will not be the same. If you dream of him very occasionally, it may simply be because you saw something that reminded you of him during the day. However, dream of having sex with your exeven once a year, can be indicative of sexual dissatisfaction.

It can also be a “sudden emergence to indicate that the dreamer is risking a relationship just as complicated as the one she had with the ex”, explains the analyst. Conversely, if we are used to dream about your ex several timesit may indicate that “the mind remains hung on this partner whose departure we have not really accepted”, she says.

The different possible interpretations if you dream of your ex

There is notypical interpretation when you dream of your ex. It all depends, as said above, on the context, the role your ex plays in your subconscious and your shared past.

If you dream about your ex after seeing them, there’s nothing to dig into. On the other hand, if you dream of him on a recurring basis, you will have to dwell on it a little more.

In case we haven’t forgotten this ex and on top of that, we stay awhile single, this unsurprisingly indicates that it is difficult to move on. “When we finds himself alone after a breakupthe brain can produce a certain idealization which prevents to mourn a relationship formerpoint Mireille Rosselet-Capt. If you are single, but you no longer love him, dreaming about your ex can also be a manifestation of a Lack of affection.

On the other hand, if you have forgotten this story, this dream can be a symbol sent by your unconscious to prevent you from reliving a relationship similar to the previous one. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it can also be a good sign for our current relationship.

“If we are in a satisfying relationship, this does not necessarily mean that we doubt the new relationship. On the contrary, it indicates that there are elements of the old relationship that we can still integrate on a personal level – and which could even prove to be enriching for our current life as a couple”, reassures the specialist. Dreaming about my ex while I’m in a relationship so it’s not that bad.

Seeing your ex in a situation that highlights one of his qualities or faults indicates that this trait needs to be worked on ourselves. “His faults pmay represent an unfinished task for me. And his qualities are an indication of the resources on which I can draw to face the current situation”, reveals the psychologist.

Dreaming of your ex is uncomfortable

Dreaming about your ex coming back or other can stir up memories buried deep within. This can be destabilizing and embarrassing. Especially if you’re in a relationship again. But rest assured, everyone can be exposed to these kinds of dreams. There is therefore no need to make a whole story out of it. You haven’t betrayed anyone, you don’t control your subconscious.

“The psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung considers that our relationships are very often governed by projections, whether they are idealizing or negative, and the romantic relationship is the example par excellence where we project all kinds of qualities on the partner”, she reassures.

Dreams are the result of these projections. The breakup that causes the partner to become an ex is “often the result of de-idealization that occurs when you have removed these projections from the mind”, she specifies. The problem is precisely that this de-idealization also gives rise to negative projections that you carry around with you, even post- These projections give birth to dreams with his ex.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with your current relationship, dreaming about your ex is a warning that it may be time to move on. If it is not especially to be taken at face value, the dream nevertheless makes it possible to situate oneself “unvarnished” without one’s life. According to Mireille Rosselet-Capt, it even represents a “reality check”.

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Dreaming of your ex: what interpretation?

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