Dreaming of the same person several times: what interpretations?

Globally, dreaming of the same person multiple times nothing to worry about. This is simply an invitation to reflection. “Your subconscious sends you a signal to allow you to analyze something of which you are not aware”, explains Juliet was going, author, psychotherapist and analyst Jungian.

Dreaming several times about a person who is in our life

Finding a loved one in your dreams is not something absurd. On the contrary, it is completely normal. In contrast, dream several times of someone we likea friend, a relative or a office colleaguecan, indeed push to the interrogation.

In the event that this person is particularly present in your mind during the day for various reasons, it is normal to find them in your nocturnal dreams. Daily thoughts affect our nights. But dreaming of a loved one that you don’t think about is a little less so. “If a person from the present haunts our nights for no particular reason, we must ask ourselves what they represent for us”, explains the specialist.

The symbolism projected on this person is to be put into perspective with the period of your life. If, for example, you dream of an aunt who fought body and soul to achieve such and such a thing and you are in a period when you have a lack of self-confidencesoak up her appearance no matter what action she does there. It is a breath, an encouragement. “The qualities of the people you dream of are to be considered before moving on to interpretation. They may have characteristics towards which we would like to tend”, she insists.

If it’s a person with whom you have a good relationship, “ask yourself what can make this person come back so much in your dreams”, says Juliette Allais. This may be the consequence of something left unsaid, for example. For instance, dream of a man you know to whom we dare not speak in reality can be speaking.

What interpretation if we dream of a person we no longer frequent?

Dreaming of a lost friend or family member can stir up memories of times spent together. When you wake up, you may even have a twinge in your heart. These dreams can be a green light to try to back in touch.

“If you are cold or have lost sight of the person you dream of, the relationship may not be completely complete,” analyzes the expert. Clear : reconnect. These tips are, of course, to be put into perspective with the reasons why you no longer talk to each other. “In case the person you don’t has not caused any harm and that you miss her, do not hesitate to send her a little sign”, specifies the specialist.

Dreaming of the same person in love“can mean that we regret having lost it”, adds Juliette Allais. Thus, it is necessary to trace the thread of this relationship before undertaking a resumption of contact. Do I miss her? If yes, pwhy ? Why have we distanced ourselves? In short, weigh it pros and cons before doing anything. Ah yes, also try to check if it or he rebuilt his life.

Dreaming of someone you’ve never seen is statistically unlikely. But it can still happen. “If we see an unknown person, we must take a deep interest in its symbolism”, indicates the specialist. And this little imported what this stranger is doing in the dream.

“If, for example, I dream several times of an individual who seems in need, I can ask myself if a person around me whom I do not suspect is in this situation”, illustrates Juliette Allais.In general, and even more so when dreaming of the unknown.edreams are to be put into perspective with what we are and what we live.

If we are single and dream of a caring stranger, it may be an illustration of our lack of physical contact or love. “Certain symbols are the same for everyone, but each person has their own internal world,” recalls the psychotherapist. This is probably the reason why there is not one, but a multitude of possible interpretations to the dreams we have.

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Dreaming of the same person several times: what interpretations?

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