Dreaming of losing your hair: what interpretations?

Dreaming about losing your hair can make the night hectic. However, this scenario is not as serious as it seems. We take stock to dissect the symbolic meaning of hair loss in our dreams.

The symbolism of hair in dreams

Women’s hair, since the dawn of time, has a fairly powerful symbolism. The fault of societal injunctions and the patriarchy who have designated it as being a criterion of beauty. “A woman’s hair in a dream is a symbol of power, beauty and identity,” explains Mireille Rosselet-Capt psychologist and author dreams and intuition and The power of symbol Editions Jouvence.

When it is dense and long, the hair would therefore represent strength and vitality, according to the expert. “It is also associated with freedom and the aristocracy. In the time of the Gauls, the rebellious wore long hair”, indicates the psychologist. On the other hand, if it is short, clean-shaven, unhealthy, or falling out, the hair represents the opposite direction. “On the contrary, the cut or the tonsure symbolized the loss or the voluntary renunciation of freedom”, she adds.

Symbolism is also identity. “For a long time they were supposed to concentrate the identity characteristics of the person to whom they belonged”, explains Mireille Rosselet-Capt. In short: when we tend to dream about our hairthe interpretation necessarily concerns us.

Dreaming of losing your hair: an invitation to rest?

Loss of vitality is the first possible interpretation of this dream. Our health is often reflected in the condition of our hair. If our mane is dense, shiny and does not fall out, we are more likely to be in good physical health than someone who loses their hair. “Dream about losing your hair can indicate a period of devitalization and fatigue”, explains the psychologist.

This dream is a small red flag reminding you that it is time to slow down a bit. If you don’t feel tired physically, it may be mental. Either way, it’s time to slow down to avoid theemotional exhaustion or physical.

Try to understand where this feeling of fatigue comes from. Is it professional, personal or family? Do not hesitate to take stock by taking a little time or a weekend just for you.

The loss of self-confidence possible if you dream of hair loss

As indicated above, hair has long represented an asset of seduction: “an opulent mane participates in the stereotype of female desirability”, denounces the psychologist. This is the reason why long hair has remained a criterion of beauty for centuries. And even beauty codes are evolving more and more, dream of losing a clump of hair can always mean loss of self-confidence.

Dream about losing your hair by handful, by strands or by clumps is therefore not a good omen for your self-esteem. Eventually, the first is the second interpretation are related. Because who says fatigue often says low morale and demotivation.

If you do feel a drop in self-confidence, remember to Oh how important it is not to be too hard on yourself. Your Mental Health and your self-esteem are essential to approach the events of your life more calmly.

The fear of aging, one of the other ways if you dream of losing your hair

It’s a fact, our hair suffers with us the effects of the passing years. “The older we get, the more time begins to operate its work”, recalls the specialist. So, if you saw a gray hair while passing in front of your mirror and then dreamed of losing your hair, it is probably linked to a fear of aging.

“Live theappearance of the first white hairs like a catastrophe is aggravated by the ‘youthfulness’ of our society, which associates youth and beauty”, she analyzes. For many people, losing hair, or seeing their appearance change, is to lose their positive image. and seductive.

In case you are convinced that getting old is not a concern for you, this dream may have manifested after a particular event: a death, a birthday, a wedding, a realization about your life, in short, something particular that bears witness to the passage of time. If someone in your family develops cancer, you can also dream of having cancer and going bald : “This dream is also associated with the image of chemotherapy. Has an event impressed us recently and brought out this theme?”, asks the specialist.

But beware: “the dream is not a prophecy”, recalls Mireille Rosselet-Cap. So avoid tearing your hair out at the slightest dream by trying to understand precisely what it means. Instead, see your dreams as tools to better understand your daily life.

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Dreaming of losing your hair: what interpretations?

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