Dreaming of excrement: what does it mean?

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Have you dreamed that you were defecating and it repelled you? Be careful, dreaming of excrement can be a sign of a little slack and a drop in self-esteem. Take care to preserve your well-being.


Dreaming of excrement: what does it mean?

Many of you dream of excrement, which is not very pleasant, even downright repugnant. But maybe you will find yourself in one of these scenarios:

Scenario 1

You dreamed that you “pooped on yourself” voluntarily or involuntarily (fecal incontinence).

Scenario 2

You dreamed that a person was defecating in front of you.

Scenario 3

You dreamed that you smelled an unpleasant smell of feces.

Scenario 4

You dreamed that you had feces on your hands or on your body.

Scenario 5

You dreamed that you had feces in your mouth.

Excrement represents transgression, prohibition, madness or even shame. But these dreams can also appear when the dreamer is going through a period of doubt, depression or low self-esteem. You could say he feels “like shit”. In short, dreaming about feces usually does not reveal anything good.

Dreaming of excrement: what does psychoanalysis say?

Freud’s vision

According to Sigmund Freud, dreaming of excrement can be:

  • the sign of a difficulty to be clean and to build oneself harmoniously as a social being (or at least the feeling of having this gap);
  • the translation of the dreamer’s greed or selfishness and his “constipated” need to keep everything to himself;
  • the symptom of a need for evacuation.

Jung’s vision

For Carl Gustav Jung, the dream of seeing oneself defecate can translate an opposition against authority. The founder of psychoanalysis himself had a dream in which he was defecating on the roof of a church. He interpreted this dream as his need to reject Christian doctrine and find his own spirituality.

Dreaming of defecating: what to do about this dream?

If you have dreamed of excrement, you should wonder about a difficulty in conforming to rules and social norms, or even outright a desire to derogate from them (thirst for rebellion). Also, you should look for a possible need to keep everything to yourself (selfishness or greed) or conversely to vent or get rid of something, a feeling or an idea.

Also if you have dreamed that you were defecating, it is possible that you are going through a period of doubt. Be careful not to lose your self-confidence.

Dreaming of excrement is recurrent. “If you had this dream, it may be interesting to speak to a psychologist. Indeed, the latter will identify the elements of your life which can explain this dream. In psychoanalytic theory, the dream is a natural process emanating from the unconscious. It represents the fulfillment of wishes, unconscious desires, but also conflicts and deep anxieties”, according to Samuel Mergui, psychologist and founder of the Psychorama youtube channel.

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Dreaming of excrement: what does it mean?

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