Dreaming of being naked: what are the possible interpretations?

dream of being naked is not entirely trivial. This creates a feeling of shame that can sometimes accompany us until we wake up. The most common scenario is when you find yourself completely naked in the middle of a crowd. Disconcerted, we no longer know where to stand. What does our unconscious play when we have this dream? Does he have a particular message for us? Mireille Rosselet-Capt, psychologist, psychotherapist and Jungian analyst, answers our questions.

What is the symbolism of nudity in dreams?

If nudity is often associated with sexuality in reality, in dreams it is rather studied from a symbolic angle. “It designates the return to purity and the ability to come into contact” without a screen “with natural and sacred energies”, explains Mireille Rosselet-Capt.

Depending on the cases and scenarios, nudity can also represent the way we show ourselves to others without artifice, in our simplest device. The naked body actually represents our personality as it really is. “Nudity is also associated with lasciviousness and shame,” adds the expert.

The feeling of embarrassment caused by the fact ofto be naked in a dream, would be a very “Judeo-Christian” vision, according to the psychologist. “The Greeks saw nudity in a very positive way, as a sign of hygiene, health and sportsmanship,” she explains.

Dreaming of being naked because you fear the eyes of others

“Carl Gustav Jung called our social identity ‘the persona’, that is to say the mask, the uniform that allows us to put ourselves in this or that role,” she says. Each of us has a more or less different uniform depending on the people we are with. Clothing is a powerful social marker.

The fact of having your clothes taken off, your stage costume in a way, and being embarrassed, means that you fear the look of others even if no one notices the nudity in the dream. A feeling of vulnerability invades the dreamer or the dreamer.

What explanations if I dream of other naked people?

These are generally less common scenarios. Dream about seeing other people naked has a different meaning. It symbolizes a relationship that has reached a new milestone. Even if you don’t know the individual you dream of, there is a parallel with a real individual who is part of your life, a best friendOr other.

Dream about seeing a naked person comfortable in front of you usually means she’s exposed herself to you in real life, shown you her flaws, and your relationship has solidified. “The other person appears to us in their authenticity and intimacy,” explains the specialist. On the other hand, if she looks embarrassed, it implies that she has revealed herself too much without really thinking about it.

Dreaming of being naked: a sexual aspect?

It was Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, who suspected dreams of nakedness to be -in some cases- tinged with sexual desire. According to him, a person who dreams of being naked is actually expressing a need for sexual freedom.

Several of his patients have dreamed of themselves naked in the rain. For him, it is the obvious symbol of a desire to develop your sexuality. This explanation is not shared by Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychiatrist who invented “analytical psychology”.

When we dream of nudity and serenity, what does that mean?

Nakedness in a dream is not always linked to a feeling of shame. In some cases, we can be naked and serene. “It shows that we dare to share our intimacy, to reveal our authenticity and our ‘naked truth'”, explains the analyst.

When nudity is associated with a feeling of tranquility and serenity, it’s a pretty good sign. It means that you are in agreement with who you are and that you have no difficulty in take full responsibility. Note, however, that the dream meanings are to be taken with a few tweezers. All the elements of your dream are to be analyzed to obtain a measured explanation.

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Dreaming of being naked: what are the possible interpretations?

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