Dreaming of an argument: what interpretations?

Dream about arguing with someone is never very pleasant. This type of dream often involves a state of agitation which can also cause a sudden awakening. But are dreams of conflict really “bad dreams”? What message is your subconscious sending? Decryption of possible dreamlike interpretations.

What does the argument symbolize in a dream?

The argument dreams are quite common. These are unpleasant events, which evoke feelings of stress and anxiety. “The argument is a stressful experience for the body, linked to anger, an emotion that activates very specific physiological reactions in us (heat, clenching fists, louder voice, cardiac and respiratory acceleration)”, explains Mireille Rosselet-Capt, psychologist, Jungian analyst and author of dreams and intuition Editions Jouvence.

The meaning of dispute and conflict is the same in the dream as in reality. “When we dream, the same bodily experiences are activated as in reality, which means that, by this means, we can both express and regulate our emotions. The dream thus offers us a scenario that gives a framework to our anger and allows us to react with a fight – which is one of the three basic reactions of stressed organisms, along with flight and freezing. A pretty healthy process, after all! “, details the specialist. the dream of discord sometimes used to prevent an impulsive reaction.

Dream about arguing with someone close

Dream about arguing with a friend or a loved one usually raises issues about your relationship with that person. “Such a dream signals a tension, a tension in connection with this person. Arguing with her in a dream brings out a frustration or annoyance that could not be expressed at the time, that we repressed a little too quickly for example, and that remains in our stomachs, “analyzes Mireille Rosselet-Capt.

Sometimes the discordant dream pinpoints the impact of a remark that you didn’t react to immediately. The unconscious can then put forward a deep desire to assert itself, to react, to express itself by dreaming the scene. “Dreams allow us to ‘finish the interrupted sequence’ without doing any damage, to ‘ventilate’ our emotion, and become more aware of it. This is an opportunity to ask ourselves about what happened recently with this person, to recognize that I was hurt, or that I could not express myself, for example, and that I would have need to come back to it, ”says the psychologist. This kind of dream can also translate the need to take a certain distance from this person.

Dreaming of arguing with a stranger, a sign of internal conflict?

Dreaming of an argument with a stranger may be a sign of internal conflict. In many cases, the other is only a projection of ourselves and the dream reveals to us a contradiction of an interior order: the dispute is within ourselves. “Strangers are ideal for serving as a projection surface and revealing unknown parts of ourselves, dark parts, and also for highlighting our main complexes,” says Mireille Rosselet-Capt.

It may be interesting to consider the dispute symbolism that you live. “Jung believed that ‘the complex is the architect of dreams and symptoms’. If I dream that I am arguing with a policeman, for example, I may be suffering from an “authority complex”. With a doctor: I may have had a difficult experience with this profession, which I can wonder about,” observes the Jungian analyst. “Here, personal associations are the key to interpretation. »

Yes you dream that you are witnessing an argument and don’t do anything to stop it, maybe it’s a message from your subconscious that invites you to take initiatives. Mireille Rosselet-Capt advises to “look primarily at associations with lived experiences”. Do you live or work in a conflict environment? have you been witness to your parents’ arguments when you were a child? “There is a passive position there, which attends in a kind of helplessness to a conflict beyond its reach, it would be beneficial to be able to reposition oneself and find an active position”, notes the specialist.

The dream of conflict: a negative meaning?

Dream about having an altercation does not necessarily mean that it will happen. “Dreams have the mission of making us aware of elements of our personality or our current life to which we are not sufficiently sensitive or to which have not given sufficient importance. This is what Jung calls the “compensatory function of the unconscious”, indicates Mireille Rosselet-Capt.

“To do this, the dream will systematically exaggerate the line. There is therefore no need to panic and believe that the thing is likely to happen as it is, ”reassures the psychologist. An argument with your partner, friend or family member does not fundamentally destroy the relationship.

The dream often reveals a latent conflict that you were unaware of or concealed. He then encourages to burst the abscess. ” A big fight dream can therefore simply indicate that there is a disagreement, a frustration, a latent dissatisfaction that we have to do something about… by looking for the way to express it that is most useful to the relationship”, deciphers the Jungian analyst.

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Dreaming of an argument: what interpretations?

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