Dreaming of a snake: what interpretations?

The common imagination is lined with misinterpretations regarding dreams with one or more snakes. What if we told you that these dreams are not necessarily negative?

Dreaming of a snake: the meaning

The presence of a snake in a dream can have a plethora of meanings. The symbolism of this animal, as intriguing as it is insidious, is very dense. “In the dictionary of symbols, the entry ‘snake’ alone is 14 pages”says Mireille Rosselet-Capt psychologist and author of dreams and intuition and The power of symbol Editions Jouvence.

Contrary to popular belief, dream of a snake attackingas dream of death, is not necessarily a bad omen. No, it does not necessarily mean that your partner is cheating on you or that you will suffer.

“The snake can symbolize both death and life: death, by its venom, and life because the grass snake is the emblem of the god of medicine, Aesculapius”, explains the psychologist. The serpent is also seen as a symbol of resurrection and renewal. For good reason, their frequent moulting, according to Mireille Rosselet-Capt: “It symbolizes life changing and continuing forever.” Fascinating and fast, the snake is capable of the worst as well as the best.

The symbolism of the snake also varies according to its color. Dreaming of a black snake is necessarily less positive than a green snake, for example. “The hue will create an emotional mood and therefore a very different era of meaning. A black snake corresponds to death, a green to life, and a white is a sacred snake.explains the psychologist.

The decor and more particularly the element where the famous reptile is also to be taken into account: “It will take on a different meaning depending on whether it is terrestrial, aquatic, alchemical fire serpent or flying serpent.”

The erotic interpretation of the dream with a snake

The erotic dimension of a dream with a snake is the undeniable fruit of the Freudian approach to the subject. Indeed, Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, attributes a phallic symbol to the snake. In other words, he likens it to a male sex. The reptile would be the form that the penis would take in the unconscious. His way of behaving in the dream would sum up the way the dreamer experiences his sexuality. Dreaming of a snake in a house Where “of a snake caressing our legs in a river, for example”, are the kind of scenarios in which the erotic dimension can be present.

“If we think of the serpent of the Kundalini, coiled at the base of the spinal column, we see that there is a whole potential for vital activation there, ranging from sexual desire to spiritual awakening to its highest end”, explains the psychologist. Be careful, however, to properly contextualize the presence of this snake to avoid drawing hasty conclusions about your sex life. No, you are not necessarily lack of sex if you dream of a snake caressing you.

For good reason, before interpreting this type of dream, one must begin by collecting the dreamer’s associations: “Does he appreciate snakes or does this animal terrorize him, has he had a personal experience?, asks the specialist. Once these questions are asked, individual understanding can be added to the cultural, mythological interpretation of the serpent symbol.

Dreaming of a snake, an invitation to take stock?

Dreaming of a white snake, green, or whatever, is generally uncomfortable. It is an animal that is often scary. It is assimilated to something insidious, fast that threatens us in real life. A hazard or toxic person or ill-intentioned in our surroundings. We start looking for the traitor or the traitor. But rest assured, this interpretation is actually a bit simplistic.

“In a dream, loWhen an animal puts us in danger, it is often an instinctual or emotional force that rebels against the dictatorship of reason”, performer Mireille Rosselet-Capt. In this case, the question that we must ask ourselves according to the psychologist is : “Is my current life sufficiently in tune with my snake?” Clearly, we must ask ourselves if our reason does not take precedence over our emotions and our instinct.

The symbolism of the snake in dreams therefore mainly revolves around its life force. Both positive and dangerous, this power rises in the unconscious and must be watched. “For Carl Gustav Jung, founding psychiatrist of analytical psychology (ed.), this animal embodies the lower psyche, the dark psyche, which is rare, incomprehensible and mysterious”. reminds the psychologist. “It can be hypothesized that a dream with a snake occurs at times when a person’s vitality is compressed, repressed or weakened”she says.

A woman or a man who dreams of a snake is in a period of transformation in his life, according to the author. “The serpent arises in moments of crisis through its initiatory potential, as if telling us ‘die and be reborn'”, she illustrates. This molting period involves “probably some pain”. The manifestation of the reptile invites the dreamer to take care of his health, body and instincts.

You will have understood it,dreams interpretation is not an exact science. It is different depending on the details that adorn your dream and your personal experience with the symbol. “To take advantage of the message, it is recommended to keep a notebook of dreams”, advises Mireille Rosselet-Capt. In the case of nights spent dreaming about snakes, you can enrich your little notebook with photos found on the internet.

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Dreaming of a snake: what interpretations?

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