Dreaming of a snake: what does it mean?

A snake accompanies sleep? Its meaning should be sought on the side of sexuality. So why do we dream of a snake?

Dreaming of a snake, what does it mean?

In general, the snake represents the desire especially sexual desire. This animal, at the origin of the original sin, symbolizes the libido and an energy which pushes to move forward and to go towards the other or towards new projects.

In our society, the snake is also scary. When we see it, we fear a bite or even death. This is symbolic, it is above all a change of situation. In this, the snake pushes towards a new stage of life.

The snake is also the symbol of health, or more precisely of healing. It adorns the caduceus of doctors to represent their profession. To better understand snake dreams, the ideal is to keep a dream journal that will make it easier to interpret them.

When we dream of snake, what does it mean?

Dreaming about a grass snake can have multiple meanings, depending on the script of the dream. The grass snake symbolizes cunning. The custom says that when we dream of a snake, we must beware of jealous people. The presence of many snakes indicates that we are in a bad environment for us. If the dream is about killing a snake, it means that our enemies will not have the last word.

The snake also symbolizes falsehood. In love, the snake represents betrayal. Being attacked by a grass snake implies that a loved one wants the dreamer harm. Holding a snake in a dream corresponds to a strategy of the sleeper to put an end to an evil force.

Finally, the color of the snake can also be subject to interpretation. The black indicates a great anger, the green introduces an inflow of money, the white symbolizes a union etc. It is also possible to have totally bizarre and unrealistic dreams with snakes, sometimes the heat impacts these dreams.

Dreaming of a viper: what does it mean?

Dreaming of a viper is usually a warning of upcoming events that will mark the sleeper. The interpretation of the dream in question depends, of course, on the scenario. So, when we dream of stepping on a viper, it is a symbol that we are not afraid to face our problems and intend to resolve them with firmness.

Kicking a viper indicates that the dreamer is in a competitive professional environment, but knows how to act to thwart his enemies. When we see a viper in the dark, it’s a sign that our ability to detect danger is strong. When the viper surrounds the body of the sleeper, the dream often has a sexual connotation. There is an all-consuming passion or an important desire.

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The meaning and function of the little black snake in a dream

Dreaming of a black snake is rather rare. On the other hand, it is often a source of fear. And in fact, the little black snake is rather a negative message. The color black is often linked to sadness, unhappiness, and also represents the unknown. The Little Black Snake introduces something that can be threatening or dark into a person’s life.

In a dream, the little black snake announces an upcoming danger and calls for caution. This may be the case for a disease, in particular. It is the symbol of bad energy or an unbalanced relationship. It can also be a sign of financial problems. But beware, if the little black snake is dead or flees in the dream, it is a positive sign: the problem is solved or about to be.

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Dreaming of a snake: what does it mean?

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