Dreaming of a cat: what interpretations?

Dreaming of a cat, no matter how cute, can leave the dreamer quite perplexed. This is explained by the fact that this animal has been associated with esoteric and rather obscure thoughts since the dawn of time. But what is it really? What sign does our unconscious send us? Response item.

What does the cat symbolize in a dream?

The symbolism of the cat varies depending on the country where you are. In ancient Egypt, where it was domesticated from the 4e millennium BC, it symbolizes protection. He is seen as a child protector in Japan. In Asia, the feline was transmitted for a very long time from emperor to emperor. It is therefore a symbol of posterity.

The West has decided to assign a symbolic of femininity and mystery to cats. “It has been a seductive and sacred animal since the dawn of time, it is for this reason that it is associated with the feminine”, explains Claire Delabare, Jungian analyst. The cat brings an awareness of the feline components of femininity. “It is widely associated with the erotic life,” she insists. Its sexual connotation is real. You are also aware that the female sex is often called “pussy” or “kitty” in slang.

But the symbolism of this rather mystical animal does not stop there: “We must not lock it in there”, insists the analyst. Indeed, the feline can also represent our animal aspect in the broad sense of the term.

Dreaming of a cat, an interpretation that varies depending on its appearance

The symbolism of the cat in a dream also varies depending on the appearance of the cat. If he is tired, hungry, aggressive. “If the animal is in poor physical condition, hungry and/or tired, this may reflect the state of our unconscious or our conscious life”, explains Claire Delabare. This may be the sign of a small emotional fatigue.

Dreaming about a cat biting you can be a sign of an internal conflict, a desire or a feeling that you refuse to admit. Even if you repress it, this conflict is indeed present in your unconscious and your dream is the expression of it.

Conversely, dream of a purring cat is quite positive. “This may indicate that you have made decisions that are favorable for your life”, analyzes Claire Delabare. This shows that you have no particular reason to worry at the moment.

Dreaming of a black cat: a necessarily negative meaning?

The black cat is often the victim of unfounded projections. “We project onto him everything that is in us and that we reject”, regrets the specialist. For centuries, men have associated it with all sorts of esoteric and obscure thoughts. “The more societies were misogynistic, the more we hated cats”, she recalls. He echoes the famous fantasies about witches.

But dream of a black cat has no impact on the interpretation of your dream. “The color of the cat has no influence in the unconscious,” she reassures. If we have integrated the negativity of black cats because of our culture, the unconscious is preserved from these stereotypes.

Analyze your cat dream to understand it

Dreams can have different interpretations depending on the context in which you live. But be careful not to fall into excess by wanting to analyze all your dreams. “A dream is interesting to analyze only if it occurs several times”, recalls Claire Delabare.

It is therefore not impossible to dream of one or more cats simply because you came across one during the day. But if this little feline appears several times, you can “work on the possible associations”, advises the specialist. try take stock about your current emotional situation. A recurring dream can be a real sign of the state your unconscious is in.

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Dreaming of a cat: what interpretations?

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