The world of dreams is still a mystery to this day. Some see the interpretation of dreams as a tool to get to know yourself better, while others are like real crystal balls where you can see everyone’s future. On OneHowTo we lean more towards the first, more plausible explanation. Furthermore, claiming that we can predict the future seems to us to be a hasty assertion, to say the least.

If we stick to dream interpretation as a tool for self-knowledge, then what does it mean to dream of someone you no longer talk to? What does our subconscious tell us? In this new articleDreaming of someone who is no longer spoken to – Meaning of dreams“We are giving you some tips to help you find answers to your questions!

What does it mean to dream of someone?

As with any dream interpretation, the fact of dream of someone and its interpretation depends almost exclusively on the situation and the context of the dream. So, to interpret a dream you have to base yourself on what is happening in the dream. Also, very important and very often overlooked, you should also pay attention to how the dream made you feel. How did you feel during the dream? Were you anxious? Happy? Scared? Try to detail on a piece of paper your emotions during the dream, this will help you from the start to identify the dream as a positive or negative dream.

Dreaming of someone can therefore have several meanings depending on the context of the dream and the emotions you felt. Thus, we can dream of someone “by chance”, simply because we talked about this person with someone just before falling asleep or because we thought about this person. We may also think a lot about a particular person (because we are in love, because that person triggers enmity in us, etc.) and this can cause us to dream of that person more often. Maybe we haven’t confessed our feelings to that person, and subconsciously we want to but we just can’t. find the courage enough to face that person in real life. Dreaming about that person subconsciously satisfies an urge that we feel in our life but feel unable to consciously fulfill.

Our advice? We know how paralyzing fear can be, but we also know that our fears are often far less daunting than they may seem. Face your fears and you will see that you are much stronger and resilient than you think!

Dreaming of someone who is no longer spoken to - Meaning of dreams - What does it mean to dream of someone?

Dream about someone you don’t talk to anymore – Meaning

Dreaming about someone who is no longer spoken to can mean different things depending on the past relationship you had with that person. Was it a friend? An ex? A member of your family? Why don’t you talk to this person anymore? Is it by mutual agreement (in the case of a break-up, in particular)? Did you get angry with this person? Is it simply because of the distance (this often happens in the case of a friendship)? We also recommend that you write down all these reasons in a notebook to interpret your dream in the best possible way.

If you dream of your ex who you no longer talk to, and you are in a new relationship, ask yourself the right questions. Does your new partner meet your emotional needs? Does anything about your boyfriend remind you of your ex? In contrast, dreaming about your ex does not necessarily mean that you still love him or her and want to get back together with him or her. It may just be that your past relationship has marked you deeply, that you have suffered a lot and that this is reflected in your dreams. Maybe deep down you don’t care about your ex and what you miss is the time in your life when you met this person.

If you dream of a friend you don’t talk to anymore because you betrayed that person, maybe you feel guilty about your behavior. On the contrary, if your ex-friend is the one who betrayed you, maybe you are still suffering from this person’s behavior. Another explanation may be that you miss this person even though they caused you pain.

Dreaming of someone who is no longer spoken to - Meaning of dreams - Dreaming of someone who is no longer spoken to - Meaning

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