Dream of killing someone: find out what it means

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Dreaming about killing someone is a recurring dream. Do not feel guilty for having dreamed that you killed someone. It’s a sign of something that’s bothering you and maybe you should get rid of it.


Dream of killing someone: what does it mean?

Many of you have dreamed of killing someone. But maybe you will recognize yourself in one of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1

You dreamed that you killed a person with a gun, a knife or with your bare hands.

Scenario 2

You dreamed that you killed someone unintentionally during a traffic accident, for example.

Scenario 3

You dreamed that you killed your father or your mother.

If you still feel guilty about your murderous impulse from last night then rest easy, the dream of killing someone is very common. It can translate the idea that you would like to get rid of an important or “heavy to bear” element in order to flourish.

Perhaps you want to separate from your spouse, a loved one or even resign from your job? It would be wise to find what is encumbering you in order to eliminate it and find your balance.

Dreaming of killing someone: what does psychoanalysis say?

Freud’s vision

According to Sigmund Freud, dreaming of killing one of your parents is a good sign! Indeed, according to him, psychic conflicts are disorders engendered by a repressed Oedipus Complex. Eliminating his rival parent is therefore beneficial to his well-being. For the founding father of psychoanalysis, dreaming of killing your father (for a man) or your mother (for a woman) is a signal that you are freeing yourself from what is unfavorable to you.

Jung’s Vision

According to Carl Gustav Jung, killing is the last resort of the unconscious to eliminate what it cannot come to terms with. There is something inside the Self that is not accepted and cannot be controlled. Dreaming of murder is an attempt to get rid of this compromising element.

Dreaming of killing someone: what to do about this dream?

“The dreamer must first try to remember as many elements as possible present in the dream. Some could have been repressed unconsciously. Each element must be interpreted at several levels both from a symbolic point of view and according to of his personal history”, indicates the psychologist Samuel Mergui and founder of the youtube channel Psychorama.

If you have dreamed that you killed someone, you should wonder about the existence of an undesirable element in your life. It can be a person, an activity, an object or even an element that interferes with your inner life. Your unconscious recommends that you identify what bothers you and works against you in order to eliminate it.

“Murder is one of the recurring dreams. If you have had this dream, it may be interesting to talk to your psychologist about it as part of your analysis. Indeed, the analyst will identify the elements of your life which can explain this dream. In psychoanalytic theory, dreaming is a natural process during which the unconscious expresses itself. It reveals to those who analyze it their unconscious desires, their inner conflicts and their deep anxieties”, according to Samuel Mergui, psychologist.

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Dream of killing someone: find out what it means

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