Dream of flood: find out what it means

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Dreaming of being trapped in a flood is common and even recurrent for some of us. The flood is the allegory of the drive and emotional overflow. Dreaming of flooding is symptomatic of a fear of lack of self-control.


Dream of flood: what does it mean?

Many of you dream of flooding, but maybe you will find yourself in one of these scenarios:

Scenario 1

You dreamed that you were caught in floods and you feel the fear of drowning.

Scenario 2

You dreamed that you learned about the occurrence of floods.

Scenario 3

You dreamed that you were a spectator of floods, and this event terrified you.

Dreaming of a flood could be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, desires, or even your schedule. Such a dream is symptomatic of a feeling of loss of control and anxiety associated with a lack of mastery.

Dreaming of flooding: what does psychoanalysis say?

Freud’s vision

For Freud, water is a vital element, but it can also threaten life when not controlled. According to the founder of psychoanalysis, the flood is the allegory of the drive or emotional overflow that the dreamer fears he will not be able to contain. Such a dream can also be symptomatic of a concern to contain his libido and to suppress his sexual desires for the dreamer.

Jung’s vision

For the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, the flooding in the dream also refers to the dreamer’s sexuality. This dream can especially indicate a change in this area thanks to a new partner. The flood is also attached to the process of individualization which should push the dreamer to further strengthen his spirituality.

Dreaming of flooding: what to do about this dream?

A flood often symbolizes depression, a psyche overwhelmed by subconscious ebbs. This rise in unconscious behavior risks undermining the foundations of personality. It is therefore urgent to see where this depressive background comes from. This state is often an atavism inherited from a depressed mother.

If you dreamed of flooding, you should be wondering about a fear of losing control over your emotions or your schedule. This dream should make you pay attention to:

  • Feelings that are hard to control lately. For example, if you experience anger and aggression towards others;
  • sexual urges that imprison you and from which you would like to free yourself;
  • a difficulty in organizing yourself and a tendency to drown in a glass of water;
  • the appearance of a possible depressive state and a psyche overwhelmed by ebbs from the subconscious.

Attention, the archetypes have only an indicative value: “it is preferable to speak about your dream to a psychoanalyst. The latter will help you to interpret your dream after a brief description. He will also take into consideration the context and the elements of your life that could explain your dream. In addition, the psychologist could encourage you to recall elements of the dream that you do not remember because they have been repressed”, according to Samuel Mergui, psychologist and founder of Psychorama youtube channel.

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Dream of flood: find out what it means

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