Dream of cheating on your partner, what does it mean?

There are dreams that disturb more than others. Among them, dreams of infidelity. However, dream of cheating on your partner is very frequent and quite normal because the dream is the place of all possibilities. Those erotic dreams are very rarely synonymous with a desire to take action.

Dreaming of infidelity does not mean cheating

If dreams can act as an outlet for impulses and frustrations, this is rarely the case. “Dreams refer us rather to ourselves, since often most dream characters are representations of ourselves, they are projections”, explains Tristan Moir, psychoanalyst and specialist in dream language.

To be unfaithful in a dream does not mean cheating on his or her partner. Very often, dreaming of infidelity does not express a desire to take action but to convey a message. “It’s a dimension that is perhaps forbidden to us, so adultery will come to disturb. But in general, these are parts of us with which we reconcile. This type of dream is represented in a very sensual way, very in love, but there is no penetration. The sexual partner who will be projected will perhaps be a part of us”, analyzes the psychoanalyst. If our real spouse does not appear in the dream in any way, it may indeed be a merger with a part of our being, represented by the dream partner. This dream reveals our states of mind and “that we live intensely out of love for ourselves”.

Dream about cheating on your partner with someone you know

Adultery can represent the need for emancipation or openness to other horizons. If thelover or mistress is someone the dreamer knows (friend, colleague, neighbour…), he can more easily understand what he is looking for, what he needs and what he wants. The dream can depict qualities that your partner lacks that are likely to be brought by that person, be it humor, fantasy, or spontaneity.

Dreaming of cheating on your partner can mean that you are unfaithful to your own principles, that you feel like you are betraying a part of yourself. It can also be an “incompatible” person with whom you have no affinity. “A simple example is the colleague that we ignore, even who is unsympathetic, and with whom we find ourselves in a romantic relationship. This is not a repressed desire, it is rather the expression of a part of us that we repress and that we see expressed in the other”, illustrates Tristan Moir.

Yes you dream of cheating on your partner with a celebrityit can send you back to your desire for success or recognition.

Dreaming of cheating on your partner with a stranger

If it’s an imaginary partner, it may be worth considering if the dream is trying to draw your attention to some aspect of your romantic relationship. When the lover or the mistress is a complete stranger, it is a sign that you have not yet identified what you aspire to. You experience a lack without being able to define the nature of your need. “It is perhaps the difficulty that we would have to be in love”, indicates the psychoanalyst.

Other interpretations can be attributed to this dream. dream of adultery with a stranger may mean that you might be tempted by an illegal source of income. But rest assured, that doesn’t mean you plan to rob a bank.

The dream of infidelity, a compensatory dream?

In some cases, the dream of adultery can have a compensatory function, as described in psychoanalytic theory and reveal affective or sexual frustrations. “These dreams reflect dissatisfaction in our current couple. We will choose an imaginary partner or a character that exists and stage ourselves with him or her”, explains Tristan Moir. “A dream with gratification of pleasure is often a compensatory dream,” he adds. The dream then allows the person to compensate for a lack, without there necessarily being a desire to take action in reality.

It can be an expression of frustration, when your partner lacks attention or tenderness, when your life lacks desire or sensuality, dreams are there to restore the balance. the lack of fun in real life because of everyday life, habits, routine is then expressed in dreams of encounters, seduction, sexual relations that we forbid ourselves. Be that as it may, the dream has its own language, sometimes obscure for our consciousness. “There is no need for guilt. There is no morality in the dream content”, assures the dream specialist.

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Dream of cheating on your partner, what does it mean?

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