Dream interpretation: the most frequent meanings

Have the impression of falling out of bed, dreaming of losing our teeth, or that our darling is going to see elsewhere? It’s normal now. Every night, our brain solicits our imagination to create scenariossometimes wacky, the time of our sleep. While some dreams are unique, others come up frequently. We tend to think of them as harmless, but the recurrence of these dreams hide a real meaning. Here’interpretation of 9 dreams the most common to better understand them.

Dream interpretation: why analyze your dreams?

Interpret the meaning of his dreams is the right way toanalyze his state of mind. The symbolism of the dream makes it possible to identify the messages hidden behind each image or each situation experienced during one’s sleep. This allows us to improve our personal development by taking better aware of his actions, decisions or reactions to a situation. Each dream has its own definition to be analyzed and so deepen knowledge of our own personality. Clearly, these dreams serve to push us to question ourselves in order to feel better in our head and in our body.

Interpretation of dreams: what the most common mean

We have all dreamed that our partner cheated on us, or that someone dear to us lost their life. We also dreamed of being back on the school benches, of not being ready for an exam or of forgetting our presentation in front of an assembly. Losing your teeth, falling, or being chased is also commonplace. The last one, just as frequent, is the dream of fear. If these dreams are recurring and above all, so common to a large number of people, it is because they are the reflection of a general state of mind. Between self-confidenceaspect of ourselves and the pressure we put on, it’s our brain’s way of sound the alarm on our health mental. Some of these dreams also represent what we would like deep inside us, what is missing to our couple.

Dreaming that you are not prepared for an exam

Not being ready for an exam can either mean that for us, discipline is the key to success, or on the contrary, that we put too much pressure on ourselves and that we have to be satisfied with our performance.

Dream that you forget your text in front of an audience

This dream is a reflection of your current stress level which is accentuated by a feeling of anxiety due to the judgment of others.

Dreaming about the loss of a loved one

This dream may not refer to a relationship with the person one loses, but to the relationship you have with yourself, and what aspect of yourself that person represents.

To dream of being chased

This dream is a very good indicator of your stress level current and how well you are coping with it. Identifying the person chasing you in your dream can help you identify physical or psychological threats that are causing you anxiety.

Dream about falling

Pay attention to how you feel when you fall. This will indicate how much you need to trust yourself.

Dream about going back to school

Your brain wants to remind you that making mistakes, and learning from them, is the only way to learn.

Dreaming about a phobia

When in our dream we manage to overcome our fear, it means that we will be able to reach the goal we have set in real life. On the contrary, if we don’t succeed, it means a certain questioningtotal instability.

Dream that our partner is cheating on us

When you dream that your partner is cheating on you, it is often synonymous with questioning your relationship. Maybe you feel he/she is drifting away, that adventure, fun, or just quality time together is missing from your relationship?

Dream about losing your teeth

Losing your teeth can represent how bad you are true to your valuesthat you have to let go with others, or a situation that does not correlate with your personality.

Dream that you are sick

In dreams, a physical illness most often represents a psychological illness. Very often, this psychic suffering is associated with the physically sick part in our dream. For example, dreaming of a heart attack may refer to a Broken Heart and a breathing problem can mean our need for a change of air. Cancer remains the disease of which we dream the most, but this one refers to the trauma unresolved from our past.

Dreaming of a baby

Depending on the location, the behavior of the baby, etc., dreaming of a baby can have many different meanings. In the dreams that come up most often, we find first of all that of the crying baby in his crib. This refers to a project, an ability, which is still under construction and which requires more attention from you in order to be carried out.

Unlike, dream of a sick baby or young child reflects a lack of energy : it’s a sign from your body to alert you to your state of fatigue, take the time to rest!

Dream that you are pregnant

Just like when one dreams of a baby, there are many meanings to the fact of dream of being pregnant. And this can be particularly disturbing, especially if you are trying to have a child or, on the contrary, you do not want one at all. In general, dreaming of being pregnant is sign of personal development : it is about a progress, a development in one’s life, an ability to achieve one’s goals. It can also be an aspect of our personality that needs to be highlighted or a lifestyle change which is taking shape.

Dreaming that you are late

Unlike fertility in dreams, a delay is not a sign of renewal: it is a fear of changet obstacles that cannot be overcome. It can mean changes in our life, an inefficiency in moving forward in our projects that scares us. Our delay in our dreams annoys us because we are not moving forward, but in reality we are just angry with ourselves because of our chess.

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Dream interpretation: the most frequent meanings

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