Dream Interpretation: Here are 3 reasons why you cheat on your partner in your dreams…

It’s happened to all of us, right? To fall asleep in the arms of the loved one and to wake up with the memory of having dreamed of the girl from the cafeteria or the guy from human resources. Worse still, how interpret a dream with your ex ?

In reality, the dreams of deception are very common. But what do they mean? Are you no longer attracted to your partner? Does that mean you want to have sex with someone else? Are you subconsciously in love with the HR guy?

Theresa Cheungbest-selling author of The A to Z Dream Dictionaryexplains that “the dreams of deception are a recurring theme, in fact (…) it is in the top 10 most common dreams“. She adds that “during and since the confinementmessages about dreams of adultery have triple. Here are the three reasons that can explain these dreams, according to Theresa Cheung.

You are missing something, either in your relationship or in yourself

First, Theresa Cheung explains that it is important to note that even someone who is fulfilled in their relationship can have these dreams. Your mind may just be making you think about what deception means to you. But are you cheating on your partner or vice versa? If you are the cheating person, it may be that you veil your face about yourself. For example, are you doing the best you can or are you going simple?

If it’s your partner who is cheating on you, are you or your partner concerned about responsibilities any? Do you feel left out? ‘Cause this kind of dream can just say thatyou are missing something. You need a little more adventure in your relationship.

Dream interpretation: your mind prepares you for possible deception

Dreams about adultery can be incredibly realistic, so you wake up with a weird feeling of discomfort. This is exactly what your brain wants to make you feel. He wants you to understand that cheating can have a negative impact.

If it is your partner who is cheating on you, you experience a devastating scenario, you are heartbroken but everything is fine, you wake up and forget about it. Your brain is just trying to show you how much stronger you are than you thought. The brain, our BFF.

You may be attracted to the person you dreamed of, or just symbolically

Sometimes these dreams actually mean that you are attracted to the person. But more often than not, this person represents rather a symbol. This may mean that you have to heal, change or evolve. For example, if you are shy and in your dream you were sleeping with your eccentric boss, it just means that you need to open up a little more to others.

The only time these dreams of deception means that your relationship is in danger is if these dreams are repeated all week long. Or if you keep thinking about cheating on your partner in broad daylight. In this case, it would be time to have a conversation with your significant other.


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Dream Interpretation: Here are 3 reasons why you cheat on your partner in your dreams…

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