Dream about losing your teeth

Teeth that loosen, fall out one by one or become brittle…. Everyone has dreamed at least once of losing their teeth. One, two teeth or the entire dentition, there is enough to wake up traumatized! But although losing your teeth is not a very good omen, beware of dubious interpretations. Explanations from our experts.

How to interpret this dream?

In the collective imagination, the loss of teeth would be an omen of the death of a loved one… This type of dream usually evokes deep anguish and can be associated with fear of death. It is also possible to see in it a twisted form of a fear of castration.

  • More seriously, for the psychoanalyst S. Freud, losing his teeth in a dream would be the sign of overly repressed sexuality. But dreaming yourself toothless could also mean your fear of losing something important in your life: a love, a friendship, or even an object.
  • Frequent during periods of transition, this type of dream would also be, according to C. G Jung, the sign of a profound change and the announcement of a renewal. Take it as a message from your unconscious urging you to take care of yourself in order to calmly face this new beginning.
  • In religions, several interpretations, more or less positive, are possible. In the Bible, dreaming of losing your teeth has an initiatory meaning: it is the sign of a liberation of the wise word. But in the Muslim religion, the teeth can have different symbols: positively, they represent longevity, wealth, or connection to one’s ancestors. More negatively, teeth can also symbolize avarice, bad temper or certain immoral acts.

Teeth, a recurring element in dreams

Typical scenario

The dream of losing teeth is often scripted in the form of torture inflicted on the subject. He sees his teeth being pulled out by a dentist or an executioner without these being known people. It also happens that it is a moment of a dream, but it is always the most agonizing moment. The dreamer can also suddenly lose his teeth, often in the midst of discussions with relatives. It is the sign of a word that must not be released or of a secret that must be kept silent. It can also translate a strong anger that the dreamer does not dare to express (“have a grudge against someone“) because it would call into question a relationship that the subject cares about more than anything (a close relative, or a life partner).

Variations of this dream

Dreaming of having teeth that fall out (breaking, loosening…), dreaming of losing a single tooth, dreaming of having one (or more) tooth(s) broken, dreaming of losing your jaw, dreaming of having your teeth filed, dreaming of having bleeding teeth or jaws, dreaming of pulling teeth from someone other than yourself…

Meaning of the dream

Freudian interpretation

For Sigmund Freud, dreaming of losing your teeth is related to the feeling of living an overly repressed sexuality. This sensation leads to both shame (ashamed of one’s fantasies and desires) and self-loathing. There may be behind this shame a self-repression of masturbatory desires (especially among teenagers) which resurfaces through the image of pulling teeth linked to the fear of losing one’s penis or clitoris.

Freud also sees in it a fear of change and of a certain comfort. These dreams can therefore arise in periods of transition such as moving, romantic breakups or bereavement.

Dreams about tooth loss also convey fear of losing something important. It can even be an object!

Jungian interpretation

For Carl Gustav Jung, losing his teeth in a dream is the unmistakable sign of a change linked to a revival. The individual agrees to lose even valuable social attributes, to leave his persona (controlled self-representation in the social world) to access a deeper, more authentic self.

Jung notes that the actual loss of a tooth for a child is the first experience of physical loss. And the child needs to give meaning to this loss and grow out of it! It is the little mouse that makes this loss symbolic and full of meaning. The dream of losing teeth therefore also tells of our need for meaning and support to face our personal evolution.

When this symbol appears, it can indicate the need to take care of yourself in order to have the courage to face drastic changes.

Symbolism of teeth in dreams

Teeth in the Judeo-Christian tradition

The teeth represent the last bastion to access the palate of man. They are the guardians of the threshold of the Word. Losing your teeth is the sign of a word that can be delivered, a wise and sure word (wisdom teeth).

For example, in “The symbolism of the human body“, Annick de Souzenelle, a writer of Jungian inspiration, writes: ” Crowns of fine pearls”, the teeth are also the “shields” tightened in front of the Sword. Shields only open after checking whoever enters their Verb dimension“. Dreaming of losing your teeth is therefore a strong initiatory sign.

teeth in islam

The interpretation of the dream of loss of teeth is a great classic in the symbolism of the body in Islam. Teeth can mean the bad moodI’avarice but also the longevity or the richness. But this dream can go beyond the simple story of the dreamer and take on a premonitory aspect. Because the teeth can be a symbolic representation of the lineage to which one belongs. He can therefore tell that there will be deaths in his family or an upcoming departure for a distant country.

If we dream that we lose our teeth and that we feel nothing (neither fear, nor pain), it means that we have no empathy and that we do a lot of unworthy or immoral acts. .

Finally, if a pious person dreams that he loses his teeth, it is because he is not diligent enough in his prayers and fasting is strongly advised.

Analysis of the dream of Marion, 45 years old: Dreaming of losing her teeth in front of her family

I’m at a party with my parents. My brothers and sisters are present. Everybody laughs. I’m uncomfortable and put my hand over my mouth. I realize then that my teeth are falling out. I panic and try to hold them back as the laughter continues“. Marion, 45 years old.

“This dream is typical of the loss of teeth associated with guilt or a secret that one wants to both hide and reveal at the same time. It can be the confession of homosexuality or of a decision taken without consultation. In any case, the shame is present and losing his teeth in front of everyone is to come back to the mouth of the small child who is subject to parental authority without being able to defend himself”.

Testimonies and dream stories of the Doctinanauts

“Losing his teeth and his hair”

“In this dream, I saw myself losing 3 bottom teeth with regrowth of those teeth. I was using this regrowth to put my teeth back in. It was only holding on temporarily. I also saw myself with patches of hairless patches on my head. “ by Catmao. Read this dream story

“Recurring dream – Losing your teeth”

I’ve been having the same dream for some time now, I’m losing my teeth. (…) Sometimes I dreamed of having lost just my molars, other times almost all of my teeth… These dreams are worrying and seem very real to me, note that I very very rarely do (see never) nightmares apart from this one.” by a Doctinanaut. Read this dream story

“I dream that my teeth are falling apart”

It happened to me several times to dream that I lost one or more teeth but they were never intact, always in pieces. Before I put them in the palm of my hand, the pieces were filling my mouth so much that I had to blow them out! by Little Irish Fairy. Read this dream story

“I dreamed of teeth that had grown”

I was in a fitting room, I was smiling and I thought something was weird… I approached the mirror and when I opened my mouth, I saw that I had two teeth that had grown in front of my bottom teeth, right in the middle! A row of 2 extra teeth! ” by Poupou-Pidoo. Read this dream story

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Dream about losing your teeth

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