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Hummingbirds are symbols of wisdom, joy and luck. These special birds are revered in the native cultures of the Americas. They are nature’s gifts that remind us to receive the sweetness of the world. In feng shui, we can introduce these auspicious symbols into our spaces to elevate the energy around us. Find out what hummingbirds represent and how you can incorporate them into your home’s feng shui.

The symbolic meaning of hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are tiny flight birds native to the Americas. They are called hummingbirds because of the buzz produced by the extremely fast speed of their wings. When hummingbirds are in flight, their wings beat so fast you can’t even see them. This is one of the lessons of the hummingbird: even in motion, it embodies immobility.

These little birds are particularly revered in indigenous shamanistic practices in North and South America. Like other migratory birds, the hummingbird bravely embarks on a journey and teaches us to follow our dreams and trust that the universe will provide for us. In addition, hummingbirds feed on the delicious nectar of flowers. They can remind us to seek out the sweetness that life has to offer. Like the hummingbird, we can drink in the nutritious, rejuvenating sweetness of our world.

Therefore, hummingbirds are honored as omens and expressions of good luck. They remind us that we can be still and mindful while moving gracefully. We can be sure of being protected when we bravely embark on life’s adventures. Finally, hummingbirds teach us that there is always sweetness in life that we can savor.

Feng Shui & Hummingbirds

Feng shui originally comes from China, but in our modern world, we can totally apply teachings from other parts of the world in our feng shui applications. Feng shui seeks to improve and raise the vibrations in our homes and lives. So if hummingbirds resonate with you, we invite you to use them in your feng shui.

In general, hummingbirds are colorful birds. When selecting a hummingbird symbol for your feng shui, you can use the five element color theory to give an extra layer of intention. In feng shui, the five elements are earth, metal, water, wood, and fire.

  • Brown, beige, yellow and other earthy tones bring in the earth element for extra nurturing and support.
  • White, gray or silver metallic tones call on the metal element for beauty and precision.
  • Black and midnight blue appeal to the water element for more wisdom and fluidity.
  • Blues, greens and teals are the wood element, inviting growth and healing.
  • Fiery reds, oranges, and hot pinks are elements of fire and can inspire and invite expansion.

Since hummingbirds are typically a set of colors, you can bring more than one (or maybe even all) of the five elements. The rainbow of colors that includes all five elements is particularly lucky and creates positive qi (life energy).

Use the hummingbird symbol in your home

The hummingbird can be a symbol of good energy, wisdom and joy. If you find yourself attracted to hummingbirds, here are some ways to use this symbol in your home’s feng shui.

Hummingbird Feeder

One of the easiest ways to bring hummingbird energy into your home is to install a hummingbird feeder. Bring these special beings into your life with sweet offerings. Many feeders are red in color, which not only appeals to hummingbirds, but also attracts fire energy in feng shui for inspiration and glowing (active) yang qi. Red is also one of the luckiest colors in feng shui.

hummingbird artwork

You can place the image of a hummingbird in an area of ​​the feng shui bagua map that you want to activate. Or you can place a hummingbird in a room in your home that would benefit from its teachings. A hummingbird in the main entrance can invite the energy of this symbol from the outside world. You can also place the hummingbird in your meditation space to remind you to stay still and mindful in your practice.

Hummingbird Image Port

Feng shui is not just about decorating your home, but also about examining all the energy around you. This includes your body. If you are connected and drawn to the spiritual meaning of the hummingbird, try wearing hummingbird images on your body. You can find hummingbird-inspired jewelry, feathers, or clothing.

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Do hummingbirds bring good luck in Feng Shui? | Nostrodomus

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