CCQUEEN presents the album Scavenger

What importance do you attach to the story told in your album?
Obviously of fundamental importance. Invariably the pieces narrate the emotional difficulties and affective sensitivities of each other in all their forms.
Personal or universal difficulties, lived or fictional.
The work with Daygor (draughtsman) allowed a more complex construction thanks to the imaging of characters, universes and complex symbolism.
The long work between the complex mind of Sonakid and the talented patience of Daygor has seen the birth of a psycho-magical bestiary.
The story resonates through sound and reasons through image. Diving into the universe of CCQUEEN is inevitably more complex and introspective than at first sight.
This is a question that deserves a long development…

What are your instrumental choices?
CCQUEEN is a rock group in the tradition of a Lou Reed: most of the pieces do not exceed three chords for their structure. However, they are complex thanks to the expertise of Skinny Bob among others.
The bass-drums of M-Ti and Puce want to be heavy to anchor the listener in the ground, like a sleeping body weighing down with all its weight and the instruments of Skinny Bob and Sonakid allow you to live the psychedelic experience in the thrusts dreamlike, like the waves of a dream.
The pieces are inexorable climbs, sometimes short pauses then even higher climbs like the powerful dreams one has at night during the paradoxical sleep phase.
The instruments used are beautiful instruments (Gretsch guitars, Fender bass, DW drums, Crumar keyboard…) and others are sometimes simple everyday objects lying around and whose sound has sometimes proved to be life-saving…

How did the studio recordings go?
We are fortunate to have a studio that serves as both a rehearsal and recording location.
Modern technology does the rest.
The base was made in formula “full group” in order to be as close as possible to the energy, the symbiosis of the group, then the song and the additional instruments were added as the progress and the artistic choices .
Overall it should be remembered that the basis of a good preparatory work for CCQUEEN is: good food together, often with the family, to have a good laugh above all! The dark part is reserved for the artistic creation itself (music and visuals). It’s an outlet!

Tell us about the title Common Sense » and its music video…
It is a collaboration between Daygor and Sonakid.
The clip started from a storyboard and a jumble of nocturnal drawings by Sonakid and once passed through the creative and artisanal genius of Daygor, it resulted in this big shamanic trip.
We needed a clip in order to exist as a “modern world-wide-web 2.0 band”. We thought about a video recording but the ideas involved too big a company and what-a-thousand dollars to get there (maybe later if we become rich ego-centric rockers hehe)… The most coherent and strong for us was to say to himself: “everything is possible in drawing, you just need to have patience and talent”, Daygor has precisely these two qualities.
We are lucky to have been selected in a festival of short films and to have received an honorary title “Winner Award of Merit” in a Californian festival (Best Shorts Competition) we were selected among more than 1000 participants.
We are currently awaiting responses from other international festivals.

What do you want to give to the public with the album scavenger ?
A good dose of emotion! Personally I think you should always approach a piece with the intention of touching ONE person. ONE person is all that matters in the end! The only person to reach in his emotions is the listener who listens to THIS piece. It is sometimes said that when you feel good, you feel the music and when you are bad, you hear the words.
That’s what we’re looking for. Participate in the daily life of strangers who listen to us by offering them an emotional springboard. On a personal level, music has always accompanied me in moments of love or the most immensely sad moments of my life. Sometimes, even in silence, a melody comes back to our memories.
I would like someone to contact us one day to tell us “our first kiss as a couple was on a CCQUEEN track”. That day will be a happy day for me. This is also the theme of the last track of the album: ” Delicious “. A first kiss in a bar on a track by JJ Cale. “When the love came to life on the sound of music played loud”.

What can we know about the artwork of the album?
This subject is very complex and probably deserves an entire article as it is painstaking work and a “work in progress” that has only just begun…
Most of the details are no accident and eventually this work will probably give life to an artistic expansion of CCQUEEN.
Everything will depend on the receptivity of the fans because all of this is extremely time-consuming and is starting to require a certain budget since we are on a 100% self-production…

Do you have an anecdote or an indiscretion to tell us?
Let’s see… Alcohol? Dope ? Sex?… nah nah… not today darling I have a migraine…
on the piece Anarchy One, we were looking for an additional dull percussion sound and we didn’t know in which electronic direction to look… Current technology is extraordinary but sometimes requires certain skills that are often beyond us. After a few unsuccessful attempts that sounded too “synthetic and industrial”, particularly for a piece that speaks of anarchy as a liberating movement, we opted for a cardboard box (from a major German brand that sells instruments that end up cost the eyes of the head….) in which we stuffed a microphone, we took the padded stick of a South American shamanic drum and POUM-POUM. In 5 minutes the case was in the bag.
I could also have chosen an anecdote involving… but no… follow us in the long run, we have enough stories for a long drunken evening, we’ll tell you.

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CCQUEEN presents the album Scavenger

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