ASSE: A statement with strong meaning before facing Laval

AS Saint-Etienne is preparing for a top game tonight. Indeed, after a long week of work due to a premature elimination in the Coupe de France and the arrival of two new recruits, it is high time to welcome Stade Lavallois and play a vital match for the Greens. A match that will be played at Geoffroy-Guichard and that could change the situation somewhat. Details.

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Geoffroy-Guichard is and will remain one of the best atmospheres in French football. However, against Laval the fervor will be particularly reduced. Indeed, like the match between them and Stade Malherbe in Caen, the 4 groups of die-hard ultras supporters have called for a boycott following their firm opposition to Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo whom they judge guilty of the evils of the club with ten titles of champion of France. If the Stéphane stadium should accommodate around 14,000 people, it could still intimidate Mayenne opponents.

Admiring Cauldron players

At each press briefing, the question comes up regularly: “Is it a special feeling to discover the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium as a player”, and no player hides the admiration mixed with disbelief to accomplish one of the dreams of many French footballers. Thus yesterday, the press briefing for Laval residents put Geoffray Durbant in the spotlight and the Tango striker spoke of the match with an almost childish look: “For me, this will be a first for Geoffroy-Guichard. I can’t wait. I’ve only watched it on TV for the moment. We’ll see what happens. It’s a big club, which has a history, and we’re going to go there as a small one in comparison. But we’re going to do everything to do the job the best we can there. And it’s still a special match, because we know that Sainté is in a delicate form, like us. It is clear that we did not imagine Saint-Étienne last. Afterwards, the Stéphanois also started with points behind in this championship. Unfortunately, that is part of football. A declaration which also shows a form of intimidation vis-à-vis what will be a first but also a more general form of pressure since the reigning champions of the National know that they are 8 points behind their evening competitors but this 15th place is far from comfortable in a season where four relegations will take place. Especially since a defeat to Geoffroy-Guichard could have a double meaning, that of getting dangerously close to the red zone for the Tangos but above all of reviving a direct competitor who, if he finds his rhythm, could watch the race. maintenance in a more serene way at the end of the season.

After such a transfer window, Laurent Batlles must convince with a group at a much higher level qualitatively than the lowlands of Ligue 2. If the former Trojan coach will not be able to count on a public won over to his cause, he will have to focus on experience to defeat Mayenne who are still a little tender, as evidenced by their last two defeats in a row on very high scores. heavy. See you at 8:45 p.m. tonight, for a very crucial meeting for the Forézien club.

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ASSE: A statement with strong meaning before facing Laval

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