As a couple or single, have you ever dreamed of marriage? Here’s what it could mean

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published by Romane Tardy on August 01, 2021 at 7:33 am

White dress, rings, costumes, sound of bells, invade your nights, it is surely not for nothing. Experts have analyzed the significance of dream of marriage and it is much more complex than it seems.


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Dreaming of marriage: a symbol of commitment

They say a wedding is the best day of your life. White dress, costume, wishes, rings, family, it is often a very significant and very symbolic moment. That’s why he can sneak into your dreams, whether you want to get married or not for that matter.

Dreaming of marriage can obviously mean that you dread your marriagewhether it stresses you out or you hope very deeply to meet the person with whom you will make your life.

We find in particular in the recurring dreams of marriage, that of imagining oneself in the process ofarrive late for the ceremony. The delay actually symbolizes all the deadlines that await you before the big day. Another example: to dream that there is a problem on the dress or on your suit means that you are not satisfied with something or that you do not have confidence in yourself.

Even if you are not going to get married, you can dream about it and it will have a whole different meaning. These nuptial visions while you sleep may also reflect a concern about recent changes.

For example, if you have trouble getting started or committing to something, you can dream of marriage, a strong symbol of commitment. This can concern an employment contract, a move, an important life choice. If you dream of a marriage proposal, it means that you are thinking a lot about a subject.

The choice of partner is very significant

What about the meaning of the choice of husband/wife in your dream? Yes, it happens to dream of giving your hand to a person who is not your partner or who does not attract you at all. So this nocturnal thought will often happen if it’s a important person in your life, if you have thought about them recently or if this person has values ​​that are dear to you. In no case does this necessarily mean that you love this person in secret.

What if that person is an ex while you’re in a relationship? This is more worrying: marrying an ex in your subconscious, according to experts, can indicate unresolved buried issues.

Now you can interpret your next wedding dream!

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As a couple or single, have you ever dreamed of marriage? Here’s what it could mean

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