Always having the same dream: what does it mean?

Repetitive dreams alert us to a change we need to make. iStock

The right question.- Certain dream scenarios, characters or environments regularly return to punctuate our nights. For a good reason according to Christiane Riedel, specialist in the interpretation of dreams. Details.

Some dreams raise questions, disturb. Among the slew of dreams encountered, we are of course thinking of the classico-classical dream of adultery, in which the partner or ourselves take the air warmly, with a hierarchical superior, a friend of the family… or Leonardo DiCaprio. And then there are the dreams of deathof tooth loss, fall… Finally, there are those called “repetitive dreams”, in other words scenarios, frames, or characters, similar, and which regularly return to occupy the nights. A “very common” phenomenon and which can “happen to everyone”, begins Christiane Riedel, specialist indreams interpretation. That is. But what to do with this dream of being chased by a monster in a boarding school that comes up often, even at 35 years old? What message to understand?

An alert

The unconscious sends us dreams to expand

Christiane Riedel

According to the specialist, more than a message, it is above all necessary to detect an alert. Explanations. First, let’s understand that our dreams are sent by our “inner world”, traditionally called “unconscious”. And for followers of Jungian psychology, named Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, this unconscious does not only translate the desire, he is not obsessed with sexuality, as the good Sigmund Freud maintained. This unconscious serves on the contrary to balance our conscious. Why ? Because our way of reflecting, of thinking or of feeling, is very limited, whereas the unconscious is not.

“Conscious function is limited by different things in different people, by theeducation, by the media which restrict the way of seeing, or simply because one does not look for noon to 2 p.m. It handicaps us. The unconscious acts and sends us dreams to enlarge us, to lead us to change our position in life”, adds Christiane Riedel. This is how the dream, because it analyzes things under a broader prism, raises the flag and kindly invites us to intervene, for our safety.”And as the conscious is very limited and stubborn, it sends repetitive dreams”, continues the specialist.

Each scenario has its meaning

Dreams about falling ask us to become aware of everyday realities, from which we have moved away. iStock

Grasping the caveat is one thing. Understanding what we are being warned against is another. Here, of course, everything depends on the scenario. First, if the repetitive dream dates back to childhood and still occurs in adulthood, this indicates an unresolved problem. For the others, they would be five to come back often, according to Christiane Riedel. First, the chase dream by ill-intentioned or suspected ill-intentioned individuals. “Here, you have to ask the dreamer about the behavior of these people or their dress. If their way of behaving is considered negative, the dream will want to say to a woman who is too well brought up, too nice, or too gentle: “Get out your claws!”, specifies the specialist.

The second scenario is toilets that we look for everywhere but cannot find. Here, Freud would have likened this framework of the toilets to excrement, to urine, in short, to the toxins evacuated by the body. A follower of Jungian psychology, Christiane Riedel sees more of a link with our emotions: “Life gives us thoughts to assimilate. Once they are, we reflect, something comes out of us. The dream of the untraceable toilets means that some of our vital needs are not respected, or that some of our desires are not satisfied.”

Not finding the toilet shows that needs are not being met

Christiane Riedel

It is also not uncommon to constantly dreaming of falling or that we fly. The means for the dream, according to the specialist, to alert us to our lack of awareness of daily realities. The presence of water in dreams, in the form of floods, a bathroom or a river for example, target affects, sensitivity. “Emotional people are asked here to reason, not to panic, to dry up these emotions and not to let themselves be overwhelmed. We often see a bath towel in these dreams”, advances Christiane Riedel.

Finally, another very common dream consists of dream of a spouse who has just left. Depending on the character traits that the man takes on during the dream, the professional clarifies: “the script performs a compensating function, it indicates what we missed in the relationship, and makes us realize that we are now going to having to take care of ourselves, defend ourselves.” Enough to convince the last skeptics of the importance of listening to each other. And even at night.

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Always having the same dream: what does it mean?

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