25 princess names for girls

We present to you the female names of the most emblematic royal houses in history. Will you find the name of your dreams for your little princess?

25 princess names for girls

Last update : December 21, 2022

Are you planning to make your choice among the first names of princesses for girls and thus welcome the future queen of the house? If your answer is positive, you cannot miss the following list in which we also describe the meaning of each of them.

All parents feel that their baby girl will completely reign over their hearts from the moment she is born. So take note of these names!

The best princess names for girls

The following options are based on the most famous princesses in history: they are real alternatives with meanings full of symbology, which refer to strong women full of power. We are sure they will captivate any parent.

First names from A to H

  • Alexia : variant of Alexandra for the one who “defends men”. Therefore, it is not surprising that this name is popular in the house Greekalthough it also stands out in the Dutch house.
  • Amalia : first name of the current Princess of the Netherlands. However, you should know that it became popular in Germany following the literary and artistic gatherings organized by Duchess Anna Amalia.
  • Amina: of Arabic origin, this first name refers to one who is “calm and reliable”. Thus, the queen of the Maldives bears this first name.
  • Ashi: is characterized by the deity that grants victory in battles. It is therefore not surprising that the princess of Bhutan is called that.
  • Astrid: of Scandinavian origin. The Princess of Sweden bears this first name: it means “queen of beauty”.
  • Charlotte : popularized by the eldest daughter of Caroline of Monaco, this first name is of Germanic origin and comes from the one who is “strong and courageous”.
  • carolina : with the same meaning as the previous option, this option is carried by Caroline de Monaco.
  • Catalina : for the one who is “pure”. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular options during Dutch rule.
  • Diana: one of the most revered and beloved options to portray Diana of Wales. In addition, it refers to the “protectress of nature”, due to her mythological union with the goddess Diana.
  • Elizabeth : Catholic saints insist on its use in queens who have marked great historical milestones, such as Elisabeth of Hungary.
  • Is she : Latin variant of the word “star”, it is the first name of the Princess of Sweden.
  • Grace : name popularized by Catholicism, since it alludes to “grace” or “favor”. We are thinking here of Grace of Monaco.

First names from I to Z

  • Ingrid : of Scandinavian origin, this name alludes to “beauty”. So it’s no surprise that this is the option chosen by Haakon and Mette-Marit from Norway for their first child.
  • Isabelle : this is the first name given to the little princess of Denmark. Without a doubt, an option with a lot of strength and personality.
  • Keisha: transmits a great “vitality and joy”. We gave it to the princess of Nigeria.
  • Leonor : today, this first name is worn by many European heiresses because it conveys great “strength and courage”. Among them, the Princess of Spain stands out as the bearer of this heritage.
  • Letizia : popularized by the Princess of Asturias. Of Latin origin, this name alludes to “joy”.
  • Husband: of Scandinavian origin, it refers to the Princess of Norway.
  • Martha: with clear biblical allusions, it means “lady”. This first name, in line with the previous option, was popularized by the Norwegian royal house.
  • Paola : its roots go back to ancient empires romans. As such, the Princess of Belgium symbolizes the strength of this heritage.
  • Rania : from Arabic, refers to this little girl who is “charming, precious”. Undoubtedly, an excellent option chosen by the Royal House of Jordan.
  • Salma: female first name which symbolizes the one who is “sheltered from everything, protected by God”. In this line of thought, it is not surprising that the princess of Morocco is called thus. A perfect choice for faith parents.
  • Sofia : an option popularized throughout Europe for its meaning, which offers “wisdom” to any queen, princess or infanta.
  • Tatyana: of Russian origin, this first name was also popularized by the Princess of Greece.
  • Victoria : the meaning of “victorious, triumphant” has also been carried by many princesses throughout history. Today, the next heiress to the throne of Sweden has taken over that legacy.

Receive the future queen of the house with one of these princess names for girls

What girl wouldn’t love to be a princess? Of course, as Carla María Maeda González points out in her 2020 research, girls increasingly feel autonomous and are reflected in characters with great strength and courage.

For this reason, we hope that some of these options based on the first names of real flesh and blood princesses will have inspired you for your future daughter. Does your princess already have a name?

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25 princess names for girls

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