10 classic dreams deciphered by a specialist

SLEEP – Have you ever woken up from a particularly confusing dream, wondering what it could possibly mean?

The famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung analyzed over 20,000 dreams during his career. He thought they are the key to our unconscious. The therapies recommended by practitioners and theoreticians who claim to belong to his school are therefore more interested in the unconscious world, and help us to discover what dreams tell us.

the Huffington Post Lifestyle asked Carder Stouta Jungian psychotherapist from Los Angeles, to decipher ten common dreams.

“Dreams are an open window on the unconscious”, she explains. “What they say can help make us happier, more balanced, better structured.”

One of the keys to this approach is not to take them literally, but to take an interest in what they represent. They are often full of metaphors illustrating aspects of your personality that require your attention.

It should also be understood that depth psychology (this is the name of this practice) is not the only method of analyzing dreams. Some believe that what we do during the day influences our dreams, for good or ill. The position in which we sleep could also cause or, on the contrary, allow us to avoid nightmares, and it seems that those who have only known television in black and white rarely dream in color.

You dream that you are pregnant

“To put it simply, it means that there is something new in you, new energy, new ideas,” adds Dr. Stout. “Perhaps you are changing your life, venturing in a new direction. You are changing, you are transforming, and your life will undoubtedly take a different turn.”

“If you dream of a particular person, it means that they represent a very specific aspect of your personality. If you start dreaming of this person, ask yourself what they represent for you. What are their qualities? What does it remind you of? In fact, you’re dreaming about things inside you. It’s a reflection. Don’t take this dream at face value. If your ex was the type to relativize and that you dream of her or him, it is this aspect of your personality that should be examined. Perhaps you should pay more attention to it.”

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You dream that you are losing your teeth

According to our specialist, this dream is a great classic, which affects people from very different cultures, all over the world.

“What does losing your teeth represent? First, when you are a baby, you are teething, then you lose those baby teeth to make room for permanent teeth. The loss of baby teeth represents a moment of transition. It is when you are going through a phase of great changes that generate anxiety that you are likely to have this kind of dream. It is a sign that you are growing, that you are evolving.”

You are having a morbid dream

“We perceive death and (re)birth in a remarkably similar way”, indicates the psychotherapist. “Symbolically, a part of you, or a habit, is dying: something that served us for a while, and no longer serves us today, because we have moved on. We may be changing jobs, or housing, we are in the process of separating and we are grieving the relationship. Dreams of death symbolize, in fact, the part of ourselves from which we detach.

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You still have the same nightmare

We have negative experiences throughout our lives. Internalized, these generate latent emotional traumas. We know that the human mind tends to hide these memories rather than reliving the trauma they caused. This constant repression is the very essence of recurring nightmares, she explains.

“When we repress these traumas, they often affect our dreams. If we start dreaming the same thing, or if we keep having the same kind of dreams, it’s a sign that our unconscious is telling us: ‘ Pay attention to what I say to you. I have reached a threshold of saturation and I need to get rid of some of this energy because it has become too cumbersome and harmful. If you don’t pay attention, there will be consequences.’ The dream comes back again and again because we have to act.”

You dream that you are having an affair

“These dreams have to do with lies, of course, but mostly the ones you tell yourself. There’s something you’re suppressing, not paying attention to, or keep lying to yourself about. infidelity, as you presented it to yourself in the dream, is in fact the way your unconscious represents the relationship, to yourself or to the other, it indicates to you that you are not faithful to your own needs. .”

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As in the falling teeth example, animals are a classic. Depending on the culture, they are assigned a different symbolism, which can influence the way you represent them to yourself.

Take snakes, for example.

“Before you see the symbol behind the animal, first explore your private life and then your unconscious. Do you own a snake? Have you ever seen one in a pet store? What legends have you read about snakes? Are they in your eyes? Are you afraid of them? Do they fascinate you? You have to be interested in all these things. In mythology, snakes symbolize deception, renewal, power and other magical or mystical things Examine each item, one at a time, and see what you find there.”

You dream of school or work

“When you dream that you are not ready for an exam or a meeting, or that you are late for work, you are expressing your feeling of vulnerability, the fear of being seen as such. what you really are, even what you hide. That’s what’s scary.”

According to the psychotherapist, even in a professional context, most people hide certain aspects of their personality from their employer, their colleagues, their teachers and even their friends. It is very disturbing to think that someone might see what we are hiding. As if we found ourselves naked at school!

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“These are very pleasant dreams”, remarks our specialist. “Many people imagine that they are stealing. It is our childlike enthusiasm which is heard. Children have this spirit of adventure, far from the worries of adults. They act impulsively and live in a somewhat magical world. Maybe you should pay attention to your imagination, feed it, sometimes be less thoughtful. Maybe you’ve been working too much lately – riveted to your desk with all kinds of deadlines – and neglected the child in you. It needs to express itself.”

You dream of food

“Ask yourself what you are really missing, or what you are trying to make up for if you dream that you are indulging in certain things. Let’s take a workaholic: his dream would certainly tell us that his professional life is taking too much energy from him , that it is on the verge of implosion and has no room for anything.If your dream is about food restrictions or not being able to eat your fill, ask yourself this that you really desire. Think about the part of yourself that is lacking and needs nourishment.”

The next time you have a memorable dream, jot down what you remember when you wake up, even if it’s just a small sketch, and take a moment to think about what your subconscious mind is telling you. Whether the dream was positive or negative, uplifting or frightening, listen to the uncensored message it conveys and take the opportunity to learn something about yourself.

This article, originally published on the American Huffington Postwas translated by Jennifer Joffre and Laura Pertuy for Fast for Word.

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10 classic dreams deciphered by a specialist

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